PwC Thailand unveils free learning app to help community upskill in the post COVID-19 world

PwC Thailand is releasing a learning app to help individuals and organisations improve their digital skills to better compete in the post-pandemic world.


The “Digital Fitness for the World” learning app will be available to the public for free from now until 31 July 2021. It’s designed to make sure people are prepared for the modern economy, and now in particular can help those looking for work as the pandemic leads to millions of job losses around the globe.


Chanchai Chaiprasit, CEO for PwC Thailand, said the COVID-19 pandemic has accelerated the need for continuous upskilling and reskilling at an unprecedented rate. The app will allow users to access best-in-class learning resources needed to prepare themselves for the future of work.


“We want to take an active role in helping our clients and communities who are going through tough times, such as those who have lost their jobs or face uncertainty at work.


“With this app, we hope that everyone will be able to gain crucial digital knowledge needed to operate in a world where understanding the latest technology is so important to success,” Chanchai said.


With the shift to remote working and changing employment models, organisations need new skills now more than ever to improve ways of working and help to modernise the workforce.


“The pandemic has prompted us as individuals to rapidly adapt with new technologies,” Chanchai said. “Businesses worldwide are also increasingly looking for the right talent with the right digital skills to navigate the new normal.”


PwC Thailand will collaborate with schools and educational institutions this year to promote the app and its digital online courses. This will help teachers, primary/secondary students and university students learn and improve their digital skills at no extra cost, Chanchai added.


PwC first developed the Digital Fitness App (DFA) in August 2017 as part of its digital transformation programme to help upskill 284,000 PwC employees.


With more than 60 categories, the app offers digital trends and relevant business information through bite-sized content, helping users adapt to new ways of working and learning.


Since the launch, a majority of employees at PwC Thailand have used the app to boost their technology skills, including learning innovative tools and digital marketing, Chanchai said.


Download our Digital Fitness App from the Apple App Store or from Google Play, create an account with your email address and enter our invite code “LRNALL” to access the app for free.

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