Thai govt: 5G bidding begins next year

Mr.Buddhiponsge Punnakanta, Minister of Digital Ministry of Economy and Society (MDES), told in a special seminar  “Thailand’s 5G Roadmap in ASEAN” organized by Matichon Pcl. that the government will start the 5G spectrum bidding by the first quarter of 2020 and hints that CAT-TOT as state enterprises under MDES could be one of the potential bidders. 

He said these state enterprises will help the govt make use of 5G technology in healthcare and other public sectors, rather than competing commercially with other private-sector service providers.

Based on a global survey, Thailand remains behind other countries in term of 5G commercial implementation so the country has to push harder to promote public and private cooperation.  It is unacceptable to leave Thailand  behind because the next generations of Thais will be disadvantaged.

The 5G technology is a key competitive factor for various industrial sectors and will attract direct investment in strategic manufacturing.  Investors now take into account of the prolonged US-China trade war and its impacts and the comparative progress of other neighboring countries in 5G implementation.  For example, the Philippines announced to use 5G next year 2020 while Malaysia also took serious actions in 5G implementation. 

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