TV Shows, Cars and Make-up: Top Brands Killing It on Instagram Revealed

Sputnik news agency and radio  11:49 GMT 19.05.2020


The coronavirus pandemic has marked a big spike in digital activity, including on social media, and brands are revamping their Instagram strategies to stand out and reach a wider audience. A new study shows who has been the most successful thus far.


The American division of Netflix was the most engaging brand on Instagram in the first three months of 2020, according to data tracked by the social media marketing platform Socialbakers.


The list of brands who have accumulated the most likes, comments or shares on their posts looks as follows:

  1. Netflix US, 94 million interactions
  2. Mercedes-Benz, 82.7 million
  3. BMW, 70.4 million
  4. Kylie Cosmetics, 47 million
  5. Netflix France, 40 million
  6. ColourPop Cosmetics, 39.2 million


The line-up has changed little since 2019, when the top 6 ranking included Mercedes-Benz, Netflix, BMW, Kylie Cosmetics, Victoria's Secret, and ColourPop.


Socialbakers' Q1 report of social media trends found that the coronavirus pandemic has changed the behaviour of online audiences and social media advertising, with an increase in time users spend online, a slump in ad spending in most coronavirus-affected regions, and a shift from sponsored to 'real-world' content.


"People have been spending more time on social media consuming content and at the same time brands have been forced to hold their budgets in response to the economic uncertainty," said company CEO Yuval Ben-Itzhak. "These behaviours have opened a unique window of opportunity for savvy brands to stay close to their customers, while increasing their reach and engagement at a lower cost."


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