New Google Chrome Hack will keep your online activities private


Sputnik news agency and radio 25.1.2022


Usually, deleting your browser history meant clearing the entire day's (or even longer periods) usage - not very handy when you only wanted to cover the tracks you made most recently.


What are the odds of your searching for a gift, or a surprise trip, or, say, a way to hint that your friends should finally wash their dishes? Wouldn't it be great if you could just quickly erase your search history so that others wouldn't twig to what you'd just been doing?


Google Chrome has rolled out a clever new feature, quickly to scrub whatever you've been doing over the preceding 15 minutes, rolling out a feature that allows you to do so and potentially save you from embarrassment.


First of all, you need to update your Android (if you use an Android phone) and Google Chrome to the latest version. Then tap your profile picture and go to Settings, where you will be offered the option to Delete Last 15 Minutes.


Apple has a similar tool but you need to go to Google App settings, and simply repeat the scenario outlined above.


Desktop browser also allows you to enjoy the shield of privacy offered by the new feature.


Sometimes, it might be simpler and more logical just to use the Incognito mode, especially if you're up to something particularly sneaky. But it will keep you signed out of your accounts, which is no help if you need to be logged in.


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