Thailand’s NCSA visits Kaspersky Transparency Center in Switzerland


Committed to informing customers and public partners about its cybersecurity practices and technical components, Kaspersky remains to be the only cybersecurity company that has provided its customers and partners with a number of instruments to ascertain the security and reliability of its solutions through its Global Transparency Initiative (GTI).


Transparency Centers, one of Kaspersky GTI's key pillars, are trusted facilities where customers and partners can review the company’s code, software updates, and threat detection rules.


National Cyber Security Agency (NCSA) of Thailand is visiting Kaspersky’s Transparency Center in Zurich, Switzerland.


The global cybersecurity company’s Transparency Center in Zurich is the first one the company opened in 2018, and has previously hosted key delegations from all around the world. It is the first time a high-ranking officer from Thailand has visited the company’s first-ever Transparency Center.


Commenting on NCSA’s visit, Major General Teerawut Wittayakorn, Deputy Secretary-General, National Cyber Security Agency (NCSA) says: “Cybersecurity practices at national level enhance a country’s readiness to prevent today’s threats which are more advanced and sophisticated. Not only businesses and enterprises, but also governments are showing increased interest in having confidence in their technology providers. We are impressed with the extensive briefing we have witnessed here at Kaspersky’s Transparency Center in Switzerland.”


“Demonstrating its proven credibility, Kaspersky answered our questions regarding its source code and engineering and data processing practices. This show of transparency is essential to move forward in our future collaborations with the common goal of protecting Thailand against cyberattacks,” he adds.


Major General Teerawut Wittayakorn and the NCSA delegation were received by Genie Sugene Gan, Head of Public Affairs for Asia Pacific and Middle East, Turkey and Africa regions at Kaspersky, together with Yeo Siang Tiong, General Manager for Southeast Asia at Kaspersky.

The Kaspersky team also subsequently hosted national cybersecurity bodies from Malaysia and Indonesia.


“We only trust people who deserve to be trusted. And that’s what Kaspersky has been and hopes to continue to do – to hold the gold standard of trust through our Global Transparency Initiative (GTI). For us, the official visit by NCSA to our Transparency Center is an important milestone for our quest towards advocating transparency to build trust across key entities in cybersecurity. This is Kaspersky showing our accountability to the Thai people through NCSA,” comments Gan.


“Essentially, before we can move forward together, we acknowledge the need to show and explain to our public partners the principles we follow as a leading cybersecurity company and the technical components of our key solutions. From there, we look forward to building on these trusted foundations and setting our eyes on conducting intelligence sharing and capacity building with NCSA to further boost the security of Thailand’s cyberspace,” she adds.


Since the opening of the first Transparency Center in Switzerland in 2018, the company has organized over 30 visits, with enterprise customers becoming the most frequent guests. Information about Kaspersky’s data management practices has received the most attention from visitors, while source code reviews happen only occasionally, which could be explained by the existing need for cybersecurity capacities across organizations to properly approach product security evaluations.

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