“World Film Festival of Bangkok #15” returns with a repertoire from 30 countries

The World Film Festival of Bangkok, the largest film festival in Southeast Asia, is back for its 15th edition after being suspended since 2017. More than 60 big-screen treats are from countries such as France, Spain, Russia, Japan, and South Korea. Adding to this edition is a film competition.


The 15 edition of the World Film Festival of Bangkok is back under the theme “Return to Cinema”, with top films from more than 30 countries.   The films come from movie stalwarts like France, Spain, Russia, Japan, and South Korea, as well as from little-known filmmakers in places like Iran, Ukraine, Brazil, Croatia, Poland, Tunisia, Serbia, and even Mongolia.


The festival is overseen by Donsaron Kovitvanitcha, an internationally accredited independent movie producer, who is currently at the 2022 Busan International Film Festival to cherry-pick potential hits.

The repertoire at the 15th World Film Festival of Bangkok will be categorised as follows:

Lotus Award Competition

The organizer will shortlist 15 films made by up-and-coming new faces to contend for the prestigious award. The winners will be selected by a panel of film experts from different countries.



This category will cover films that have won recognition in other leading international film festivals.



This category covers documentaries from across the world that offers interesting stories told from different perspectives.



This section offers films that tell stories in a new way, shot with unique techniques. This section also includes short and experimental films that promise to become the talk of the town next year.


Special Presentation

This category offers more than just films – here the audience also gets the chance to interact with filmmakers and learn more about what went on before it hit the big screen.



For this category, The Nation has carefully selected iconic classics that are tough to find but still feature large in people’s memories.

This year will also see the presentation of the Kriengsak Silakong Award, created in honour of the festival’s long-time director who suddenly died on March 27. Kriengsak was recognised for his devotion in making the World Film Festival of Bangkok a showcase for new-generation filmmakers.

However, his successor Donsaron is also well-armed for the job, especially after producing many local hits, including “Boundary: Fah Tam Paendin Soong” (2016), “The Master” (2015), “Onthakarn” (2015), “Eternal Night” (2016) and “Die Tomorrow” (2017).


Donsaron was also part of the panel of judges at the 2016 Vesoul International Film Festival of Asian Cinema and helped choose NETPAC Award winners at the 2017 Rotterdam International Film Festival. He was also an adviser to the International Documentary Film Festival, Cinema du Reel, and part of the selection committee of the Wide-Angle Short Film category for this year’s Busan film festival.


“We want to bring back a colourful, lively venue for creative talks and the exchange of film culture in Thailand. The 15th World Film Festival of Bangkok will inject new life into the Thai film industry,” he said.


The director also said he is positive that this festival will help reboot Thailand’s image in the international world, serving as soft power for the country. It will also help bring Thai cinema to the world arena.


According to the Culture Ministry, Pattaya has been proposed as the “City of Film” in Unesco’s Creative Cities Network, and the organizer will help promote the seaside town to help the ministry reach its goal.


Suvannee Chinchiewchan, chief operation officer of SF Corporation Plc, said the film festival is well-known in international film circles and showcases Thailand’s soft power in terms of creativity. She said a privately-run national event that is supported by the government is a testament to democracy and unity.


“I’m glad the World Film Festival of Bangkok is returning because it is one of Asia’s original film festivals,” Suvannee said.

The 15th World Film Festival of Bangkok will be run by Nation Group’s 52-year-old founding media, The Nation. The festival is also getting support from various government agencies, including the Bangkok Metropolitan Administration, the Culture Ministry, the Thailand Convention and Exhibition Bureau, the Thai Media Fund and the Tourism and Authority of Thailand.


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