YouTrip in partnership with KBank to launch no fee digital wallet

YouTrip, Singapore-based company and regional mobile application fintech, takes partnership with KBank to launch multi-currency travel wallet over 150 currencies with competitive exchange rates and no additional fees to attract travellers globally.   During the first year launch, it is expected to have over 400,000 applicants.   This is considered as a product innovation developed by YouTrip, a leading regional Fintech company specialized in digitized travel wallet, and KBank, a Thai leading digital banking, in upgrading the travellers’ experiences with seamless integration of overseas payments like a local at competitive exchange rates, useful application features covering auto alert message of each transaction, online application and top up services via smartphones, financial planner tool over travelling budget,  security control  with temporary lock up in case of lost cards, dedicated with 24-hour customer call center services.  

Mr. Patchara Samalapa, KBank’s Managing Director, mentioned that this collaboration is ignited by the success of  YouTrip in Singapore as the first pilot and positive factors spurring Thais to go overseas eg appreciation of Thai baht, expansion of flight routes, popular online travel information search and booking.   Product, services and back office operation powered by KBank through K Plus platform is integrated with YouTrip’s applications and cards. Ms. Juthasri Koovinichkul, co-founder of YouTrip Thailand believes that Thai travellers are being offered by travel wallet with better choices of exchange rates and no additional fees at world class security standard.  Ms Irene Chow, Mastercards’ Country Head – Thailand and Myanmar viewed that both Mastercards and YouTrip’s mission is to deliver payment solution smoothly and conveniently to the travellers.

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