Thai Securities Brokerage Company partners with Nutanix to focus on customer-centric Innovation

Nutanix (NASDAQ: NTNX) a leader in private cloud, hybrid, and multicloud computing, said KTBST Securities Public Company Limited (KTBST SEC) is using its technology to accelerate the delivery of products and services, and increase customer-centric innovation to better meet customer needs.


“As a financial and investment services company, we have to respond constantly and effectively to significant internal and external challenges.  To meet customer service demands, including convenience, speed and security of transactions, and increase the efficiency and accuracy of its work processes, KTBST SEC had to upgrade its technology infrastructure,” said Mr Pichet Sriwongyartdee, Executive Vice President, Information Technology, KTBST Securities (PCL). 


By replacing its legacy infrastructure with Nutanix HCI, with help from local partner A I System Co., Ltd. KTBST SEC is now able to deliver its products and services to customers with confidence, fluidity, and maximum security. The 80 percent improved IT efficiency delivered by the new infrastructure means KTBST SEC can dedicate more resources to customer-centric innovation.


KTBST SEC also migrated its website from another technology company to run on Nutanix technology. This move improved the company’s website speed by about 50 percent and enabled customers to more easily undertake a range of activities online, including updating their portfolios and opening new accounts. 


Using Nutanix’ Acropolis Hypervisor and Backup Snapshot/Replication have significantly improved all aspects of KTBST SEC’s operations and systems. The new technology has cut IT systems upgrade time from 4 - 10 hours to just 30 minutes. It also reduced process and server installation time by 50 percent, and capital expenditure by 30 percent. Nutanix’ solutions also enable KTBST SEC to operate continuously – any damage or faults are repaired within seconds. This means zero downtime in RAM and storage upgrades, a key demand for financial service providers. 


KTBST SEC is now exploring another upgrade using Nutanix technology within the next 6 - 12 months, which will help enable customers to update their own personal information and process real-time transactions.