Doing business in a digital world

Large companies liked property giant Sansiri are trying to stay ahead of the headwinds amid that digital disruption that’s affecting various sectors. The company has partnered with Amazon Web Services (Thailand) – AWS – a subsidiary of US e-commerce giant Amazon, which is providing a cloud services platform and solutions to develop and improve Sansiri’s value chain, not only in a technology advisory role but also in the areas of internal work improvement and innovation creation, said Dr Tawicha Trakulyingyong, Sansiri’s Chief Technology Officer.

He regards driving a unifying organizational culture with customer-centric DNA to deliver best-in-class customer experiences through such advanced technologies as AI/ML, Cloud, IoT and Blockchain as a major challenge. Vision and mission are clearly set and it is time to execute them with concrete and measurable actions and cross-collaborations within the organization, he adds.

Two-Pizza Teamwork (not more than 8-10 employees across functions) and 14 leadership principles initiated by Amazon founder Jeff Bezos as well as agile methodology should be applied in any company to minimise overwhelming issues, to pro-actively manage and adapt to change quickly, and to drive those new ideas into prototype and execution in less than 4 weeks against a protocol lead time of up to a year in some areas, said Dr Chawapol

Jariyawiroj, AWS Thailand Country Head.

Meanwhile, the two collaborators have common understandings in applying the experiences and best practices of the tech-led company to Sansiri’s day-to-day operations and soft skills to navigate their working environment into more creative and productive works in dynamic markets. Open discussions within

focus groups to unlock the siloed mindset, select role models or change agents in two-pizza teamwork to achieve new ideas, allowing the users who want to test any process change in the sandbox, as well as streamlining end-to-end processes, empowerment, HR development and customer-centric reinforcement are examples of Sansiri’s actions plan to bring unified culture changes within the organization. Its 3,800-plus workforce needs to have a clear mindset and recognise the threat of disruption in the business, reskill/upskill as needed to maintain competitiveness, learn from failure, and get closer to customers at all touchpoints to customise the products and services that customers need.

To become a leader in digital real estate development, the company announced ‘Sansiri Tech Forward’ vision, which will involve a huge capital investment of more than Bt600 million in technology in the years ahead.

Sansiri has continuously developed and implemented new technologies or so-called ‘Prop Tech’ in response to dynamic changes in markets and consumer behaviour, especially tech savvy customers. These include using AI & IoT in various applications, for example the Smart Home with sensors to facilitate the homeowners’ ways of life, the Smart Command Centre for 24-hour services to boost security confidence and safe infrastructures with alert notification, personalised solutions derived from the consumer behaviour database to deliver new experiences, fully-integrated construction management covering assessment of potential land development, 3D modelling in the pre-construction planning process, estimation of construction budget and period of completion time, and inspection mobile app to test the finished homes before transferring ownership.  Sansiri has also teamed up with Digital Ventures to use Blockchain Solutions for Procure-to-Pay to ensure transparent and efficient procurement with trade counterparts.

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