Covid-19's tech series #1 - Work from Home


Topp Jirayut Srupsrisopa, co-founder & CEO, shares his thoughts over top-5 applications that everyone can selectively access cloud-based technologies and work at homes which also fit to business enterprises’ requirements during the Covid-19 pandemic and business shutdown.

  1. Slack or Microsoft Teams applications for safer internal communication between parties as the data files are encrypted. They are suitable for startups, freelance, businesses that want to save cost and increase productivity because all data are on cloud and everyone can access easily and safely.
  2. Bonusly or Karma applications used purposely for resources allocation with incentives and point rewards between employees to motivate participations and collaboration.
  3. Calamari application used purposely for effective HR management and will reduce paperworks, approval process workload, automated HR data reporting and integrate into Slack for business enterprises.
  4. Trello free application for project management which puts online sticky notes into boards with various work functions such as To Do, On Hold, Done, Due Date, add/remove responsible & involved people, with individual comments, all discussions.
  5. Evernote application which is online shared note-taking between parties to save times and paper photocopies.

He also added that, thanks to the internet-centricity and the Covid-19 crisis, the enterprises can spot new business opportunity based on recent consumers’ habits & lifestyles and rethink their business model and strategies to be changed and adapted.   Key sectors that are moving ahead towards this include online education, healthcare check up, telemedicine, food & goods delivery, B2B, online news, online marketing.   Alibaba, one of the largest Chinese e-commerce platforms, has been proven to be successful business during SARs outbreak in the past and has become popular since then.   These new consumption lifestyles will be the New Normal and crisis will differentiate true enterpreneurs who are definitely survive if they can adapt and embrace digital technologies with up-to-date business models.

When asked the Do and Don’t of business owners during this crisis, he noted that the owners should be open mindset and embrace the New Normal and digital technologies which will get things done efficiently, cost effectively, and more productivity.  Spot new trends, rethink strategy, take good care of your people, maximize communication tools, bring in positive changes.    For Don’t, the owners should value their people assets by providing adequate working tools, loan programs, medical check ups and skillsets and do not panic.   If necessary, they should negotiate to reduce other expenses such as rent, marketing expenses, unnecessary items, to save your people first.  Right decision takes times on relaxing mode, bearing in mind, sacrifice numbers for people will bring in good things at the end.

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