Microsoft moves forward with 'Tech Capability' and emphasizes ethical AI matters 

Microsoft moves forward with 'Tech Capability' and emphasizes ethical AI matters 


Microsoft believes that 2020, AI (Artificial Intelligence) will be greatly improved and will be integrated into every business. There is also a need to be more cautious about data security (Data Security) based on the number of Malware that has grown to 750% today and Digital Skill. How to enable employees in the company to create apps by themselves in order to create Tech Intensity in the organization 

Mr Thanawat Suthamphan, Managing Director of Microsoft (Thailand) Company Limited, said last year Microsoft has introduced the concept of 'Tech Intensity', or the strength of using technology in the business sector. This year, the vision has been changed to focus on creating your own technology (Tech Capability) and increasing Trust or trust in technology. Came into another important part under the concept of 'Microsoft in Thailand for Thailand' 


One of the tech intensity that Microsoft aims to push is the matter of creating own technology within the organization It also drives small and medium-sized companies like SMEs, startups or students. Can access AI by 


- Digital skill development for youth at all levels 

- Driving the business to develop new technology to meet the specific usage. 

- Upskill all employees and executives You can create applications by yourself. 

Microsoft is looking at creating applications by yourself. By revealing information, IT knowledgeable personnel in Thailand is estimated at 340,000 people from 70 million people nationwide which is difficult for everyone to learn programming. 


Microsoft has therefore developed software such as the Microsoft Power Platform so that people in other fields can create applications. By relying on ideas only, with 3 programs 

–Power Bi is designed to access information and analyze the data 

–Power Apps Create new applications for use within the organization. Retrieve information within the organization to make use of Ready to connect with the work system and goals of the team 

–Microsoft Flow transforms tasks that need to be done repeatedly with automation. And also connect data across apps without writing code 

In addition, Microsoft has collaborated with the Ministry of Digital, DES and Mahidol University. In the field of AI development ethics (AI Ethics) regarded as very important, which in the United States and Europe attaches great importance. But in Asia, only South Korea has already started and Singapore and Thailand follow. The ethics of AI development can be divided into 6 aspects as follows 

1. Competitiveness and sustainable development 

2. Compliance with international law, ethics and standards 

3. Transparency and responsibility  

4. Security and privacy 

5. Equality, diversity, comprehensive and fair 

6. Reliability 

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