Customer experience in healthcare: Why should you care?

 Termsak Virakachornpong, Regional Vice President Southeast Asia, OutSystems
Termsak Virakachornpong, Regional Vice President Southeast Asia, OutSystems

The year 2020 can be noted as the start of a digital revolution that nobody expected. And one of the industries most hit by this new wave of digital transformation was healthcare. Over the past months, organizations were forced to look for solutions to provide care remotely and with limited resources while maintaining and even improving the quality of customer experience.


Since the onset of the global pandemic, scaling has rapidly become a necessity for healthcare and life sciences organizations. They need to increasingly focus on leveraging technologies like AI, process automation, data, and conversational bots, driving all-new hyperautomation use cases to deliver solutions rapidly and enhance customer experience.


And no matter how dynamic customer expectations in healthcare are, they tend to point in one direction: a higher degree of service, quality, and value. Now, how can healthcare providers meet their customers’ wishes and ensure their loyalty?


Top customer experience trends in healthcare include:


  1. Telehealth and remote care: Engaging patients quickly and delivering care anytime and anywhere is one of the key trends. Adopting technology enables healthcare organizations to deliver an omnichannel experience for patients, care providers, and agents by providing a digital platform for all phases of patient interaction and care delivery.


  1. Simplify and automate workflows: Healthcare organizations today deal with multiple portals, healthcare systems, and messaging channels. These increasingly disjointed processes create gaps and add complexity to the workflows which will ultimately cripple patients’ experience. Automation technologies provide instant approvals, easy re-scheduling appointments, instant reports, and insurance documentation with zero hassles.


  1. Data transparency: Siloed information is one of the biggest internal challenges that ultimately affect the quality of the service provided. To improve their productivity, healthcare providers need to be able to consolidate multiple disparate data sources and systems into a single source of truth about the patient.


  1. Security and confidence: If a consumer takes a medical exam or has a blood analysis, that consumer expects personal information to remain secure and the results to be accurate. Once again, healthcare providers can take advantage of software to control who accesses the patient's personal data and ensure they deliver error-free results.



Improving customer experience in healthcare: Artel's real-life story


Artel’s mission is to provide life science laboratories with instrument-based systems and expertise to achieve the most accurate test results possible. Rapid test results were more important during the first year of the pandemic as the cases and tests soared across the globe. It was important for Artel to cater to the market need.


Different laboratories and pharmaceutical companies use Artel's equipment, and each instrument has its own software. Given the life-changing impact lab results can have on a patient, Artel anticipated the need for improving the accuracy of a medical test was more than a case of improving the patient experience and meeting expectations; it was a necessity for mitigating the impact it could have on their lives.


Artel partnered with Persistent to build a software portfolio for its instrument systems business. Due to the wide range of laboratory processes, Artel's solution needed to provide software with robust architecture, flexibility, and intuitive ease of use.


Since developing a custom application would take too long, using OutSystems modern app dev platform accelerated the time-to-market. With OutSystems, we could build a scalable solution that made adding a new feature simple, increasing agility. Additionally, by deploying it to the cloud, Artel could replicate the solution to multiple customers.


Since the launch of the portfolio, Artel has improved ROI by 30 percent while developing technology to ensure reliable lab results and enhance the quality of patients' lives.


Improving patient experience in the healthcare sector is not just a matter of gaining a competitive advantage. It is a necessity today. Superior experience can truly improve patient care and change lives.

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