TRUE taps IBM for next generation analytics technology to support customers and businesses

IBM (NYSE: IBM) announced that True Digital, the digital arm of True Corporation and a leading digital transformation enabler, adopts new highly performant data warehousing and analytics to better support True’s customers and business base countrywide on a timely basis.


With the spread of COVID-19 pandemic, millions of people and businesses are forced to adjust to unfamiliar circumstances, from working from home, online learning, to moving to online and home-delivery business model. True saw the need to promptly support its customers in time of such difficulty and uncertainty, hence decided to leverage IBM Netezza Performance Server for IBM Cloud Pak for Data to cut data analytics runtimes for greater speed of execution.


“The powerful AI and analytics engine that allows businesses to ingest huge sets of data quickly wherever they desire, on premises, on cloud or hybrid, with no surprise costs, is what every organization looks for today, especially in the midst of the pandemic,” said Patama Chantaruck, VP for Indochina Expansion and MD of IBM Thailand. “With its all-in-one system built on the Red Hat OpenShift Container Platform, IBM Netezza Performance Server is the perfect solution to support True’s focus on improving customer experience and being able to timely support the evolving needs of its customers.”


“During the time of uncertainty in the midst of Covid-19 pandemic, we are committed to keep Thailand digitally connected - we enable businesses to thrive from offline to ecommerce, empower students to continue their learning online, and enrich family seamless digital experience while they are at home. Understanding of customers’ challenges, customizing our offering, and meeting their needs in a timely manner are our top priority,” said Dr. Teeradet Dumrongbhalasitr, President (Co), True Corporation Plc.


“Boosting query speed in a matter of seconds instead of hours has enabled us to understand what’s going on in the business in real time. And our longest or even toughest queries returned in a fraction of their original time. Ultimately, it helps us to improve both our decision-making speed and support to our valued customers,” added Dr. Teeradet.


The increased performances also allow True’s data scientists to build and run 100 to 1,000 AI models, test those models and run numerous versions of those models repeatedly over huge sets of data to discover new data patterns and relationships and get more accurate insights for their business. Elimination of data silos, minimal ongoing administration and tuning are key to help True become more cost-effective, better invest, and effectively identify business growth opportunity.


Abilities to query massive data and many systems at once wherever data resides now allows True to build reports 5x faster and cutting analytics runtimes from days to hours. These allows True to understand the need of customers, then personalize packages that offer internet or data usage at the most valued price.