Thairung Partners Group is transforming into a ‘Beyond Automotive Provider’

Thairung Partners Group Co., Ltd., announces the company’s vision of 360-degree digital transformation, leveraging low-code technology from OutSystems to offer a short-term car rental service (BIZCAR RENTAL), a new type of car ownership service (EAZYCAR), and a customer-friendly, Partner integration platform. Thairung Partners Group will use intelligent data made available through OutSystems to ensure customer reliability and satisfaction and increase the speed of business operation.


Aiming to be a fully digital led company starting with 3 major digital services:

  1. BIZCAR RENTAL: This is the first short-term car rental service available via an app, offering competitive prices using standard car fleets from Mazda, Isuzu, Lexus, Nissan and Ford. Customers will be able to apply directly for a service through the system. In addition, they can monitor their profile and privileges, and make payments via the app. The Bizcar Rental app offers customers a full range of rental car options; for example, pick up/return at any selected partner location, a car with a digital keyless, etc.


  1. EAZYCAR: This is the first fully car subscription service in Thailand to meet customer needs with simplicity and worry-free; all physical and financial hassles of maintaining the vehicle and premium privileges. Customers can choose 2 different subscriptions in a monthly or yearly package as follows:
  • EAZY SELECT 1 to 5 Years. Great Value:  Customers can select a variety of vehicles by brand, model or cost with real-time comparison of price and payment duration.
  • EAZY FLEX Month to Month. Fully Flexible: Customers can select a car on a monthly pre-paid basis without a binding contract and can easily alternate the service terms up to their preferences.
  1. PARTNERS INTEGRATION PLATFORM: This is a collaboration of both affiliated and non-affiliated partners (e.g., KTC, AIS, Black Canyon, KBank, etc.), which supports all customers by offering various benefits.


“Our vision is being the leading partner in mobility solutions and retailing, with a focus on data-driven digital ecosystems to create value for all. Innovation and smart use of technology will enable us to serve our valued customers and partners better, offering them high quality services, greater satisfaction, better accessibility and complete trustworthiness. said  Kaewjai Phaoenchoke McDonald, CEO of Thai V.P. Corporation Limited, a subsidiary of Thairung Union Car Group


“Due to increasing demand for personalised services, we need to ensure our customers’ simple, convenient access to all of our existing and new services.  We are not working on this in isolation. Our partners play a critical role in driving service success.”


“OutSystems matches our vision for simplifying and accelerating our services.  It has given us the speed to deliver effective applications within days or weeks, together with agility to adjust service programmes or promotions when necessary.  In addition, it gives us seamless service connectivity with partners, providing apps that offer customers attractive and comprehensive options to meet their needs.”


By using OutSystems’ low-code technology to accelerate custom applications, Thairung Partners Group has been able to connect its teams in an agile fashion to jigsaw innovations simply and speedily. This has meant that Thairung Partners Group has been able to bring its apps to the market for its partners and customers in good time, in keeping with its digitisation strategy. Thairung Partners Group is amongst the leaders in this global trend.


The worldwide low-code development technologies market is projected to total $13.8 billion in 2021, an increase of 22.6% from 2020, according to the latest forecast by Gartner, resulting in the surge in remote software or application development during the pandemic.


“Thairung’s ambitions do not stop there. By 2024, we aim to become a completely digitalized company, by automating business processes to reduce human efforts/digital manpower.  OutSystems supports our critical missions and gives us measurable outcomes so we can monitor business efficiency” added  Kaewjai.

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