SiS announces it is transforming businesses with hybrid and multi-cloud solutions

Somchai Sittichaisrichart, managing director, SiS Distribution (Thailand) PCL (left) and Noppadol Punyatipat, managing director, Dell Technologies Thailand (right)
Somchai Sittichaisrichart, managing director, SiS Distribution (Thailand) PCL (left) and Noppadol Punyatipat, managing director, Dell Technologies Thailand (right)

SiS Distribution (Thailand) Co., Ltd. (SiS) announced that it is offering “SiS Cloud” with world-leading IT infrastructure technologies to support organizations’ need to use cloud more than before. SiS aims to deliver open-standard cloud platform to help organizations and businesses optimize workload placement with one seamless cloud solution.


Somchai Sittichaisrichart, managing director, SiS Distribution (Thailand) PCL., said “Four to five years ago, we witnessed the continuous growth in demand for cloud, so we decided to take the opportunity and become a Cloud Service Provider. We have partnered with leading technology brands, using their solutions and infrastructure, both hardware and software, to offer cloud services to businesses and enterprises.”


SiS works with partners who have strong experiences and expertise in SiS solutions to design and provide support, including troubleshooting issues for customers. With its strong network of partners, the company is able to offer comprehensive enterprise cloud services to customers in Thailand.


“At SiS, we provide cloud services through experienced and capable partners who can efficiently design the system, provide support and solve customers’ problems. Currently, we have more than 100 partners and more than 300 customers across various industries, including government sector, banking and finance, education, healthcare, oil and energy. This includes businesses of all sizes from SMEs to large enterprises,” Somchai said.


Somchai said that SiS also plans to offer a new service called Enterprise Elastic Cloud in the second quarter of this year. The new service will be offered in the form of pay-per-use model, allowing customers to pay as they consume hourly, lowering their cost in the long run.


The elastic nature of cloud services provides enterprises with incredible flexibility to consume resources for computing, storage, infrastructure and more. With access to a rapidly growing ecosphere of cloud products on-demand, enterprises have been able to achieve the agility, scalability and cost savings required to increase competitiveness and fuel digital transformation.


“SiS will be the first cloud service provider to offer this kind of flexible service in Thailand,” Somchai noted.


SiS also offers customers unique as-a-Service solutions ranging from Infrastructure- as-a-Service (IaaS), Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS), SAP Hana-as-a-Service, Container-as-a-Service, backup and many more.


By operating with a consistent hybrid cloud approach, organisations can quickly respond to a changing technology landscape and protect their investment with a flexible and adaptable solution.