Dell Technologies strengthens cloud play, signing on six leading cloud service providers

Noppadol Punyatipat, managing director, Dell Technologies Thailand
Noppadol Punyatipat, managing director, Dell Technologies Thailand
  • Dell Technologies is working with six leading cloud service providers (CSPs) in Thailand to offer customers choice with a comprehensive ecosystem of consumption-based and as-a-service solutions for today’s on-demand economy and remote work environment


  • As-a-service offerings delivered on Dell Technologies Cloud Platform enables a consistent operating model and simplified management across public and private cloud and edge locations, eliminating silos and complexity through a single operational hub


  • Customers can move workloads across public and private clouds with greater flexibility and adopt a hybrid cloud approach that best fits their needs while reducing costs


Dell Technologies extends its cloud strategy with the inclusion of an extensive network of cloud service providers (CSPs), helping customers speed up their hybrid cloud deployment. Customers will have the advantage of pay-per-use structure built on Dell Technologies Cloud Platform industry-leading infrastructure designed to simplify deployment and operations within hybrid cloud environments.


Dell Technologies has recently signed agreements with AIS, Cloud HM, NTT, PROEN Corp, SiS Distribution and Tangerine. This further solidifies a portfolio of comprehensive consumption-based, as-a-service solutions with specialisation across industries and sectors, covering organizations of all sizes.


“Our strategy is simple: bring the best of the public cloud to the data centre and the best of the data centre to the public cloud,” said Noppadol Punyatipat, managing director, Thailand, Dell Technologies. “Multi-cloud IT strategies supported by hybrid cloud architectures will play a key role in ensuring organizations have better data management and visibility across cloud environments, while also ensuring that their data remains accessible and secure.”


IT decision-makers are adopting a hybrid cloud approach to deliver the best of public and private clouds within their permanent IT mix. As businesses reassess their digital priorities, this approach enables agility across IT to succeed in a post-pandemic economy.


Over the last year, organizations have had to pivot quickly. First, to work from home and learn from home, and now businesses are taking this opportunity to reinvent their models for a more connected, digital, automated, data-intensive and distributed future. According to PwC Thailand, the pandemic has prompted more than 50% of Thai companies to widely adopt cloud-based services, particularly hybrid cloud models that can support a remote work environment. PwC expects this trend to continue because cloud services provide the safety and agility that businesses need to weather the crisis.


Dell Technologies offers unique, consistent hybrid cloud platform


Dell Technologies Cloud offers a consistent cloud platform experience across cloud environments, spanning private infrastructure, public clouds, and edge locations, eliminating silos and the complexity of multiple clouds through a single operational hub.


By operating with a consistent hybrid cloud approach, organizations can quickly respond to a changing technology landscape and protect their investment with a flexible and adaptable solution.


According to Forrester, customers using Dell Technologies Cloud over three years saw an incremental return on investment of more than 170% and recoup their costs in fewer than six months.


Cloud Service Providers complete the as-a-service ecosystem


The collaboration with CSPs consolidates Dell Technologies’ cloud strategy to provide cloud consistency and a consumption-based model for organizations of all sizes, from small-medium businesses (SMBs) to enterprises across industries, as well as public and private sectors. Customers will be able to take advantage of the collective capabilities of the partnerships that can support their multi-cloud strategies and the multitude of workloads on both traditional and modern applications, across cloud environments.


Dell Technologies Cloud ready-to-use, pre-validated and certified solutions make it easy for cloud service providers to quickly build and scale hosted cloud environments, deploying customers’ cloud of choice with faster time-to-value and flexibility. This leads to significant cost savings from the shorter time it takes to provision and manage multi-tenant cloud environments, creating virtual data centres in minutes and can be deployed everywhere in seconds.


Partner Quotes:


Kritsakorn Chaicharoen, Head of Cloud & Data Center Business Management Section, Advanced Info Services Public Company Limited (AIS)

“AIS’ vision is to deliver our ‘Digital Life’ service and to be the digital enabler to our enterprise customers. Cloud offers flexibility to businesses and organizations in managing their resources as well as expenses. With Dell Technologies Cloud, supported by software from Pivotal and VMware, businesses can apply technologies like containers and DevOps to better manage and speed up their development and effectively shorten time to market.”

Na-Pajra Umpudh, Managing Director, Cloud HM Company Limited

“We believe that the cloud market in Thailand is just in its early growth stages and we expect it to grow even more in the long run. With Dell Technologies’ comprehensive and world-class cloud infrastructure, Cloud HM is able to provide customers with always-on services built on stable, high-performance systems. Our Infrastructure-as-a-Service offerings supports businesses of all sizes, from small to medium and large enterprises.”

Sutas Kongdumrongkiat, CEO, NTT Ltd., Thailand, Cambodia, Laos and Myanmar

“We have witnessed a high demand for cloud services in the last two years. Cloud has proven to be especially critical for businesses throughout the pandemic that has forced organizations to adapt and be agile by embracing a cloud-first strategy. NTT provides private cloud, hybrid cloud and multi-cloud services and has been supporting clients for long time. Our partnership with Dell Technologies further strengthens our cloud offerings to customers in Thailand.”

Kittipan Sri-Bua-Iam, CEO, PROEN Corp Company Limited

“Cloud is our new S-curve service. We are moving from being an Infrastructure-as-a-Service provider to become the first provider of Platform-as-a-Service on Dell Technologies Cloud in the country. We have been working with Dell Technologies for more than 10 years and are confident in its comprehensive portfolio of future-proof solutions that enable PROEN to deliver reliable services and support our customers’ needs.”

Somchai Sittichaisrichart, Managing Director, SiS Distribution Company Limited

“SiS is pleased to be partnering with Dell Technologies and VMware. Together, we aim to bring our collective strength to large enterprises and make our solutions built on the Dell Technologies Cloud Platform the choice of customers in Thailand.”

Nirutti Lertsomboon, General Manager, Tangerine Company Limited

“Organizations and businesses increasingly seek on-demand services in their transformation projects. Together with Dell Technologies, we are focused on successfully delivering on-demand services and solutions to customers in the finance industry. Over time, we expect that the collaboration between Tangerine and Dell Technologies will expand to include other industries.”