Time out in a time warp

Bangkokians! Let your imagination roam free and travel in a time warp this weekend at SPACE by CAT on the 7th floor, SF World Cinema at CentralWorld. Here you’ll experience the latest in virtual reality headsets and other innovative devices and technologies powered by super hi-speed internet at 10,000 Mbps or 10 Gbps offered on a free one-year trial.


Dr Dhanant Subhadrabandhu, senior executive vice president – marketing and service of CAT Telecom, one of Thailand’s leading internet gateways, is welcoming interested members of the public along with Youtubers, game casters, bloggers/vloggers, influencers, and other digital-related freelance and entrepreneurs to enjoy new digital lifestyle experiences at 10,000 Mbps or 10 Gbps internet warp speed in cooperation with Thailand IX, an internet exchange service.  Thailand-IX, developed by CAT,  is an important step towards the digital era for the region in providing and supporting daily life with informative content, entertainment, lifestyles and innovation, while also growing business and economy in the region and increasing accessibility and efficiency in the exchange of internet data among Thailand and CLMV countries.  This is in line with CAT’s brand DNA to expand and adapt its business model to gain customer acceptance and in response to customers’ changing lifestyle. Dhanant notes that with advanced technologies through VR, AR and cloud services at super hi-speed internet bandwidth and routers, we can all upload/download/data exchange/content streaming in real time without  storage hardware, console game or graphic game cards.  Key active examples are in the education sector where VR can create more real experiments and clearer understanding about the universe and astronomy, in the  healthcare sector as big data is exchanged in real time for diagnosis, treatment and surgery in remote areas, virtual e-commerce and online shopping, e-sports, and gaming. 


Suvit Thongrompo, chief marketing officer of SF Corporation, explains that SPACE by CAT is new generation lifestyle open space for the tech savvy who like nothing better than to interact with innovative and creative ideas. It will also enable new customer experiences and valuable memories for SF cinema fan clubs.  Actress Pimchanok “Bai Fern” Luevisetpaiboon raved about her visit to the  SPACE by CAT testing area and said that this super hi-speed internet will change the way customers think about entertainment and media. 


As yet there is no concrete plan for the commercial launch of this 10,000 Mbps internet warp speed as CAT intends to cater main corporate users first.  If retail users are receptive and drive more demand for the speed, CAT will further study and prepare the next steps.


CAT Telecom is a state-owned company that runs Thailand’s international telecommunication infrastructure, including its international gateways, satellites, and submarine cable network connections.





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