“Advice” assesses overall IT market remain sluggish but e-Sport on growing

Mr. Chakkrit Watcharasaksilp, Vice President of Production, Sales, and Marketing, Advice IT Infinite Co Ltd, states that overall IT market remains sluggish due to weak economic condition and consumer behavior change while Advice’s online sales tend to grow at a slow pace this year, compared with last year’s higher growth. From their records, portable notebook sales were the highest product growth driven by the demand from gamers (100% sales growth in gaming computers and peripherals).

For next year’s overall IT market, he viewed that the coming of new technologies will pull down the prices of IT equipment including computers and hard drives and it will enhance more efficiencies. However, he thought IT trend in Thailand continues to be sluggish.

e-Sport marketing to promote social awareness

Mr. Chakkrit views that gaming and e-Sport sectors should be promoted to create social awareness in terms of its benefits, value creation and new occupation opportunity in Thai market. As part of the country’s value creation, Thailand should build up our own league similar to football game. This will attract overseas e-Sport players and push Thai e-Sport players’ potentials. He believes that gaming and e-Sport can increase the company’s sales while the e-Sport marketing in the provinces should be promoted to expand the customer’s awareness.

Overall online IT market

Based on Advice’s records, the following online sales are summarised

In terms of values by products: DIY, notebook, PCs, and printers are leading ahead other products.

In terms of quantity by products: HDD and other related hard drive eg mouses, keyboards are ranked 1st.

In terms of product grade, the most popular now is those products’ price range of lower-to-mid category which differs from historical records of high end prices of gaming-related products.

In terms of total products sold, the gaming gear products (including computer gaming and gaming gear peripherals) account for 20%.

In terms of channels, online sales contribute over 60-70% focusing Bangkok customers while the remainder is from their franchises’ shops nationwide as the customers in the provinces prefer so. This also promote the sales through SMEs in the provinces and make them survive and the company’s goal is to use online platform as another channel, rather than to compete with their trade alliances.


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