Thailand's First A.I. Book Bot by Sfia A.I.

"SFIA A.I." is Thailand's first A.I. Book Bot, developed by Digital Transformation Academy  with the concept of creating an immersive reading experience in the digital age  that will make reading more interesting and pleasurable than ever before.


In today's rapidly evolving AI-driven world, everyone, whether business professionals or individuals from various industries, must adapt and transform. Undoubtedly, AI plays a pivotal role in fostering swift changes. Even the reading experience has been enhanced with AI, offering more engaging and innovative learning opportunities. This technological progression led to the development of the 'A.I. Book Bot' by Sfia A.I


The 'Sfia A.I. Book Bot' is designed to elevate the reading and learning experience. It has been trained from the four-volume Digital Transformation series.

  • 'Digital Transformation In Action' in 2018
  • 'Digital Transformation Canvas' in 2020
  • 'Digital Transformation Compass' in 2021
  • 'Transformer Playbook' in 2022.


With the capabilities of A.I., these books transcend traditional guides, acting as personal assistants for business leaders undergoing digital transformation in the AI age.

Notably, this Digital Transformation series has evolved into Thailand's first A.I. Book Bot. Some international books that have adopted similar Book Bot technology include 'Exponential Organization 2.0', 'The Hard Thing About Hard Things', 'Zero to One', and Steve Jobs' biography.

Ethan Than, CEO of Sfia A.I., founder of the Digital Transformation Academy, and best-selling author of the Digital Transformation series remarked, "Our company has developed the Sfia A.I. platform to offer A.I.-As-A-Service, recognizing the urgent need for everyone to adapt and lead their organizations into the AI era. Every business must undergo a digital transformation at a much faster pace than during the periods of Digital Disruption and the COVID-19 pandemic."


Sfia A.I. collaborates with global partners to develop the Sfia A.I. Book Bot for readers, business leaders, and everyone involved in digital transformation worldwide. It caters to individual needs, being accessible anytime, anywhere. Importantly, it supports conversations in over 95 languages, including English, Chinese, Arabic, Japanese, Spanish, and Thai. The 'Sfia A.I. Book Bot' acts as a personal assistant in business transformation for the AI era, helping users learn, understand, and successfully implement digital transformation.


In Thailand, Sfia A.I. has collaborated with Virun Infinite Holdings Co., Ltd., a leading consulting company specializing in Digital Transformation, Organizational Transformation, and Human Resource Development. This collaboration aims to train and develop Sfia A.I.'s services to support efficient usage for Thai organizations.


Dr. Natthaporn Virunhagarun, the Managing Director of Virun Infinite Holdings Co., Ltd., mentioned that "The Sfia A.I. Book Bot leverages A.I. technology to transform learning experiences and formats to cater and personalize to the individual needs of each person, from the beginning to achieving success. It can be adapted and integrated into various situations, ranging from educational training, reading, attending seminars, workshops, and planning meetings, to hands-on implementation and teaching others. Therefore, it's suitable for those starting their learning journey, those in the midst of it, and experienced individuals in business transformation. Sfia A.I. will assist users in generating new ideas and innovative thoughts, acting as a personal assistant that helps everyone in the organization to learn, understand, and implement based on the principles and processes of Digital Transformation, leading to greater success in the A.I. era."


Sfia A.I. has also collaborated with OpenAI, the company behind ChatGPT, to develop the Sfia A.I. Chatbot built with GPT-4. This collaboration enhances the capabilities of Sfia A.I., aiming to benefit its users and boost efficiency throughout their Digital Transformation journey. OpenAI has previously partnered with global entities to develop AI Chatbot services, such as Khan Academy, Morgan Stanley, Stripe, Duolingo, and the Government of Ireland, among others.


The 'Sfia A.I. Book Bot' is now available, especially during the 28th the BOOK EXPO THAILAND, which runs from October 12 to 23. Customers who purchase all four volumes of the Digital Transformation book series can access the 'Sfia A.I. Book Bot' for free!