AspenTech expands application of industrial AI to achieve new profitability and sustainability goals

Aspen Technology, Inc. (NASDAQ:AZPN), a global leader in asset optimization software, announced that it has extended Industrial AI across its leading solutions to drive higher levels of profitability and sustainability in customer’ operations. In addition, the AIoT workbench will enable data scientists to collaborate with domain experts to develop AI apps based on enterprise-wide data.


With First Principles Driven Hybrid Models, AI is directly embedded into Aspen HYSYS and Aspen Plus process simulations, enabling engineers to easily build operations-ready models calibrated with relevant plant data.  Reduced Order Hybrid models can be shared across engineering, planning and dynamic optimization solutions to improve the accuracy and predictability of these applications. Deep Learning APC can deliver more accurate and sustainable models that cover a broad range of operating conditions. Together, these advanced capabilities deliver the next generation of operational excellence. According to Peter Reynolds, Principal Analyst with ARC Advisory Group, "The use of First Principles Models acting as guardrails for the use of AI in industrial markets is key for success."


“Using the hybrid model, we were able to create a model that can reproduce real plant data more accurately than the conventional reformer model. We were able to create a highly accurate model in a short period of time,” commented Mr. Takuto Nakai, Production Department, Nissan Chemical Corporation.


Also new to this latest version of aspenONE V12.1 are new models that will enable customers to optimize biomass processing, hydrogen production, carbon capture, and carbon emissions more accurately and systematically, focused on reducing environmental impact. In addition, new analysis and visualization capabilities can help to reduce measurable waste and energy use, throughout the process from lab to production.


AI-driven 3D conceptual layouts with the introduction of Aspen OptiPlant and Aspen OptiRouter are now integrated into the AspenTech portfolio.  For industries such as pharmaceuticals with pressure for a faster time to market, Aspen Unscrambler, Aspen Unscrambler HSI and Aspen Process Pulse ensures product and process quality by solving complex problems using multivariate analysis to drive more profitable processes, less deviation and higher yield. 


According to Janice Abel, Principal Analyst with ARC Advisory Group, “The deep domain expertise embedded into the AspenTech V12.1 products and its focus on embedding Industrial AI from design through the entire supply chain offers a powerful solution that will help unlock the untapped business value in industrial data.”


“We continue to add Industrial AI across our portfolio of solutions to automate greater efficiency across engineering, operations and maintenance, to progress the vision of the Self Optimizing Plant,” commented David Arbeitel, senior vice president of product management at Aspen Technology. “The AI workbench solution enables operations and data scientists to better collaborate for business-specific needs. The combination of industry specific application knowledge and asset optimization expertise gives AspenTech customers the assurance that their AI initiatives will yield safe, reliable and efficient operations.”


The aspenONE V12.1 release further improves margins, improves asset uptime and reliability, and maximizes utilization of assets with AspenTech’s end-to-end solutions.  Companies can accelerate their digitalization journey and leverage Industrial AI to make progress toward the Self-Optimizing Plant while increasing margins, achieving sustainability and reliable, safe operations, and reducing capital cost and time in bringing assets online.