IBM and help organizations enhance employee experience with AI

Experience service provider has adopted IBM Watson to help organizations gain insights into employee sentiment to drive greater engagement, productivity and a positive corporate culture. is using IBM Watson natural language processing capabilities running on IBM Cloud to detect the mood and pulse of employees in the workplace in order to build positive behaviors and enhance corporate culture among employees. Using natural language processing, IBM Watson analyses human language to detect intent, emotion and tone such as joy, fear, sadness, anger, analytical, confidence and tentativeness found in written text.


The app, delivered on mobile platforms, allows organizations to gain real-time insights daily instead of annually coming from the traditional employee engagement surveys. Analyzed text is derived from employees' response to questions related to their state of emotions at work. also uses game-style and point collection approach to encourage employees to provide input to the app daily. Timely data-driven feedback help leaders detect sentiments, understand team challenges, hence be able to seed short-and-long term incentives to build the right habits that fit an organization’s culture. The incentives include virtual coaching, recommended readings and recognition to spark positive habits and culture.

Built on behavioral science from organizational psychology research, teams most active on see an increase in sales productivity and customer NPS scores. When deploying, organizations also see a greater than 97% of user adoption rate.


The IBM Institute for Business Value’s 2021 CEO Study released earlier this year found that 77% of outperforming company CEOs plans to prioritise employee wellbeing at the expense of near-term profitability.  The findings complemented the Accelerating the journey to HR 3.0 study which found that CHROs at outperforming organizations reported their companies “support as a core value” the physical, emotional, and financial wellbeing of their employees at rates nearly three times those of underperforming companies. 


“Our research found that at the heart of everything, employees will be more productive when the tone and mood of their workplace or environment is positive,” said CEO Tareef Jafferi. “IBM Watson’s natural language processing capabilities running on IBM Cloud helps us profile the trends and the behaviours, and this informs the intervention that management can take to tackle the issues in an engaging manner through gamification. One of our clients faced high turnover for many years and we were able to help them to reverse the trend,  improve employee retention by cultivating behaviors that led to a positive culture.”


“IBM Watson running on IBM Cloud uses a powerful hybrid cloud-based machine learning algorithm that is trained to detect changes in tones and to give suggestions on how to be more polite to help smooth out any given interaction,” said Patama Chantaruk, VP for Indochina Expansion and MD of IBM Thailand. “This application goes a long way in improving employee engagement and contributing to building a positive, and happy, corporate culture.”


The app is available worldwide, with customers now based in Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, Australia, Japan, and Denmark. Among its customers are top companies in banking sector and more.