Bolt starts the new year by introducing a suite of safety features in Thailand

Bolt, European mobility leader, today announced a suite of safety features in Thailand. The suite of safety features includes driver selfie verification and new Trip Safety Monitoring features for ride-hailing vehicles, offering drivers and riders more support from their dedicated in-house, specially trained safety team. 


The driver selfie check is a feature introduced in order to improve ride-hailing safety. The feature aims to reduce situations of driver impersonation and thus improve the overall safety of the Bolt app. 


With the new Trip Safety Monitoring features, Bolt will now have the ability to automatically engage with riders and drivers in-app when a vehicle remains still for too long to confirm everything is okay. The feature will provide drivers and riders with the option to directly call emergency services, share the trip, or request Bolt Assistance with one touch via the in-app notification.


Bolt plans to roll out even more Trip Safety Monitoring features, including route deviation and delayed ride completion. This is all part of Bolt’s ongoing investment in upgrades to safety features on its platform, enabling Bolt to provide more support for drivers and riders and helping to identify and deter improper driver and passenger behaviour. 


In addition to this, features that help ensure the safety of Bolt trips for drivers and riders include in-app Safety Toolkit features like trip sharing for real-time location sharing with friends and family, the Emergency Assist button to help riders quickly and discreetly alert local police authorities if they ever feel uncomfortable during a ride and report to our Customer Support team.


Nathadon Suksiritarnan at Bolt said: “At Bolt, safety is our top priority and we regularly invest in new products and features to continue to improve the safety ecosystem of the Bolt app, offering drivers and riders a high quality ride-hailing experience. Rolling out new Trip Safety Monitoring features is the latest upgrade to our ongoing efforts to make it as easy as possible for drivers and riders to seek support if they ever need it during a Bolt trip, and identify anything out of the ordinary in order to help prevent unlikely safety cases from happening in the first place.”


The rollout of Bolt’s new Trip Safety Monitoring features is part of a longer-term upgrade of stationary vehicle monitoring, supporting Bolt’s dedicated safety team’s ongoing efforts to identify anything out of the ordinary once a trip starts.


Aside from that, the company has already implemented the following features in order to offer all customers a safe mobility experience and is introducing various safety measures and in-app features designed to protect riders and drivers. These safety measures include:

  • SOS button: it allows riders and drivers to get in contact with the police by simply pushing a button.  

  • Share my ride: this feature enables riders and drivers to share a link with their real-time journey information.

  • Driver unmatching: If a rider or driver rates their trip with one star, they will be automatically unmatched from that rider or driver.

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