Tinder’s new Thai campaign celebrates millions of firsts that started on Tinder


You never forget your first, and for many those firsts happened on Tinder. Recognizing Tinder's role in empowering young Thai adults to create their own rules about love and dating, Tinder has unveiled a series of short films in Thailand that depict real moments of countless dating stories and diverse connections that started on the app.


Understanding the preference of New Gen Thais to consume fun short-form video content, Tinder's feel-good campaign showcases three separate short films that celebrate milestone firsts experienced by Thai singletons on their dating journey; from the first match to the first date to that first kiss.



As the world's most popular app for meeting new people, Tinder has always celebrated the importance of forging human connections whether people are looking for love or to find someone to match their vibe. And as dating has become fluid in terms of expectations (lets see where it goes), emotions (honest and authentic) and experiences (more activities than icebreakers, digital dating is here to stay), through this new campaign, Tinder is encouraging young Thai adults to put themselves out there and spark connections in a world of endless possibilities.



A Tinder Spokesperson said, “The dating journey amongst young Thai adults has changed. They are writing their own rules and through Tinder are in control of their own destiny and making their own dating decisions. This new campaign is a reflection of this change, of the journey of firsts Thais go through, and a celebration of the endless possibilities that start on Tinder.”

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