Are you ready for ‘good-hearted equity crowdfunding’?

Have you ever come up with an idea that you’re sure could be popular and bring you success, but there’s also anxiety over the challenges, money and hard work involved? We often hear stories about how entrepreneurship encounters many of life’s good and bad experiences. The fighting spirit that’s required comes from believing in something that will take you to your goal – even if it means changing course and make that something better than it was.


Running your own business isn’t that easy, but rather requires tremendous effort and inner struggle, strategic vision, marketing and brand awareness, reasonable funding, partnerships with stakeholders and well organised back-office functions.

A 2019 report by the Office of Small and Medium Enterprise Promotion estimated there were three million SMEs nationwide, accounting for 99.7 per cent of all Thai businesses and thus key drivers for the economy. They had 85.47 per cent of the workforce and generated 43 per cent of the GDP.


The food & beverage sector in Thailand has historically held top spot in terms of market competitiveness in the Asia-Pacific region. Foreign direct investment topping US$1.6 billion poured into Thai F&B from January 2015 to December 2018, indicating the level of investor confidence. The F&B market stands at approximately $312 million, with 12.5 million active paying customers, an average revenue per person of $24.96 and the largest consumer group among people ages 25-34. 

From left, Niwat and Jintana Thumma-ros-decha, founders of Siam Namneung, Right Ms.Kwek Hong Sin, CEO Sinwattana Equity


Siam Namneung, a popular Vietnamese restaurant chain at Central Group malls and IconSiam, was founded as an SME by a couple who were keen to bring “authentic, healthy and delicious Vietnamese cuisine to Thailand”.  Mrs Jintana, one of the founders, told that her family inherited a food business from her grandparents under VT Namneung, originally in Udon Thani province. She and her spouse, Niwat Thumma-ros-decha, set about reshaping the business with an eye to sustainability for the stakeholders.  They negotiate fairly with their suppliers, treat their employees well and train them in good service, maintain high quality and a health-conscious menu and partner with online food delivery services, franchisees and exporters.


Anyone considering a food SME but not knowing where to start should invest in equity-based crowdfunding via the reliable online portal led by Sinwattana Crowdfunding, which is regulated and licensed by the Securities Commission.  It’s an investment opportunity open to the new alternative and diversified-asset class with long-term investors’ points of view. It comes with other direct and indirect benefits from social networking and collaboration, sourcing potential deals that you can grow up with, learning new ideas from successful entrepreneurs, and building up connections in food-related business. The platform helps investors and business owners create multiple communities with enhanced networking and collaboration.


The “Love is in the Air” campaign co-initiated by Siam Namneung and Sinwattana Crowdfunding seeks out investors who enjoy healthier Vietnamese food and want to give something valuable to their loved ones. Instead of roses that last only a short while, good-hearted people can give something more meaningful, mindful and “moneyful” to loved ones while at the same time promoting the Thai SME community.  Who knows – you might be one of them in the near future!


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