AWS launches first edge location in Thailand

Amazon Web Services (AWS) announced the launch of the first AWS edge location in Thailand. Owned and operated by a local AWS affiliate in Bangkok, the new edge location provides secure, reliable, high-performing connectivity to the rest of the AWS global network and support for AWS edge services including Amazon CloudFront and AWS Global Accelerator. Customers can expect up to a 30 percent improvement in latency for data delivered through this edge location.


Thailand is now connected to the AWS global infrastructure network of more than 220 Points of Presence in 88 cities across 45 countries, designed and built to deliver the most secure,  reliable, and scalable cloud computing environment with the highest quality network performance. The Bangkok edge location will be AWS’s eighth Point of Presence in Southeast Asia.


The new AWS edge location brings the full suite of benefits provided by Amazon CloudFront, a highly secure Content Delivery Network (CDN) that accelerates the delivery of data, video applications, and Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) to users worldwide. By caching content at the Bangkok edge location, Amazon CloudFront customers can benefit from improved performance, network security, and application-level protection. Amazon CloudFront also protects sensitive data at the edge with protocols, encryptions, and compliance certifications, which supplement the protection delivered through integration with AWS Shield to defend against Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks and AWS Web Application Firewall (WAF) to provide network protection. Amazon CloudFront integrates with AWS services including Amazon Simple Storage Service (Amazon S3), Elastic Load Balancing, and Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2) as origins for applications. There is also support for serverless code to be run close to the end users for customization with [email protected]


The Bangkok edge location will support AWS Global Accelerator (AGA), a service that improves the availability and performance of end user’s traffic by using AWS’s global network infrastructure. When the internet is congested, AGA’s automatic routing optimizations help keep packet loss, jitter, and latency consistently low. The improved and even more secure user experience with the launch of local AWS infrastructure will help Thai business and government organizations including media and entertainment, gaming, healthcare mobile banking, and e-commerce innovate faster on behalf of their customers.


“We are thrilled to launch our first AWS edge location in Thailand, bringing new services and even more advanced cloud technologies to customers,” said Dr. Chawapol Jariyawiroj, Country Manager, Amazon Web Services (Thailand) Co., Ltd. “Our investment in growing our presence in Asia is a result of the strong customer momentum we are seeing for content delivery and AWS services. We look forward to further supporting local organizations with our new edge location as they accelerate their cloud adoption.”


BBTV New Media Co., Ltd. is the technology subsidiary of Bangkok Broadcasting & T.V. Co., Ltd. (Ch7HD), one of the leading broadcasters in Thailand. BBTV New Media launched BUGABOO TV as Thailand’s first over-the-top (OTT) media service platform in 2011 and introduced BUGABOO INTER in 2018 to serve a global audience. “BUGABOO INTER is fully built and deployed on AWS. This platform delivers CH7HD content, including popular Thai dramas, to more than four millions viewers globally. We welcome the launch of a new AWS edge location in Thailand to improve our local customers’ viewing experience. For example, there will be an improvement in the delivery of real-time, high-resolution content, the reduction of latency for web applications, and we can serve real-time digital content on our BUGABOO INTER platform even faster,” said Sarut Chaprasert, IT Director at BBTV New Media.


Pomelo is one of Asia’s leading fashion ecommerce platforms serving more than 500,000 customers in 40 countries. "As a company at the forefront of Southeast Asian fashion tech, Pomelo has been adopting AWS cloud services to provide our users with immersive, personalized retail fashion experiences. Amazon CloudFront integrates seamlessly with our existing technology and has been a time and cost-efficient solution. We look forward to continuing our collaboration with AWS to deliver the best customer experience possible," said Sven Lito, Assistant Vice President of Engineering, Pomelo Fashion.


True Internet Data Center (True IDC) is one of the leading cloud service providers in Thailand and has been an AWS Advanced Consulting Partner since 2015. “Having an AWS edge location in Thailand means we can securely deliver content including data, videos, and applications to our customers at a higher speed and low latency. We believe this will improve the customer experience and bring greater opportunities and benefits to the Thai people. We are pleased to be a member of the AWS Partner Network and work with a customer-obsessed company like AWS to accelerate digital transformation in Thailand and bring innovative services to our customers,” said Theerapun Charoensak, General Manager of True IDC.


LINE MAN Wongnai is a lifestyle discovery platform serving more than 10 million users in Thailand. “The launch of the new AWS edge location will improve content delivery in Thailand through increased speeds in viewing real-time digital content. We are looking forward to providing an even better user experience for our food delivery business, which is our main focus right now,” said Pattrawoot Suesatayasilp, Chief Technology Officer at LINE MAN Wongnai.


AWS has been operating in Thailand for more than four years with a local marketing affiliate in Bangkok and works with customers such as aCommerce, Advanced Info Service PCL., Ampos, BBTV New Media, Central Group, Total Access Communication PCL., Doctor Raksa, Kasikorn Business Technology Group, Pomelo Fashion, Pruksa Real Estate PCL., SCB Abacus, Sunday Insurance, Tisco Bank PCL., True Corporation PCL., Wongnai, 2C2P, and many more, to accelerate growth and improve their customer experience.