G-Able joins hands with allied hospitals to up health tech business with smart hospital solutions

With a skilled team specializing in enterprise solutions and services, G-Able, a Thai “Tech Enabler,”   has been delivering IT and digital solutions to empower and assist businesses across various industries, ranging from SMEs to the top 10 SET-listed companies.  G-Able takes pride in leveraging its  IT expertise with world-class solution technologies to transform its healthcare business allies into smart hospitals.


U-Krit Wongsarawit, Chief Operating Officer and Chief Solution and Technology Officer of G-Able, stated, “Our past achievements stem from our ability to be an IT partner with leading banking and telecommunications businesses for 34 years, owing to our strengths in IT infrastructure, data analytics, AI, and cybersecurity. G-Able is committed to building on these strengths to venture into other industries, especially healthcare, which is witnessing a growing trend and demands experts to create systems capable of managing large-scale data for timely availability. Notable successes include our support for  a national healthcare project utilizing our technology and personnel. With such achievements, we firmly believe that G-Able’s solutions and capabilities will drive further growth in the healthcare market, surpassing 20%. This aligns with Gartner’s prediction of an average annual growth in IT investment in the healthcare sector of over 20% and a total market value of around THB 7 billion.”


Currently, G-Able’s IT solutions are readily available to support the transformation of healthcare businesses into smart hospitals. This reflects Gartner’s guidance that high-level executives in the healthcare industry should prioritize digital transformation by formulating a ‘Digital First Strategy’ for  all business and management activities. According to Forrester’s research, over 60%-70% of in-house data remains untapped, giving rise to the ‘Data Fabric’ concept. This concept enhances work efficiency in tandem with an ever-growing and more complex data pool. This concept aligns with G-Able’s strategy  of harnessing new technologies and big data analytics platforms to assist businesses in making data-driven decisions, utilizing insights to enhance core business processes, services, management, budgeting, and more. In light of the above, G-Able is fully prepared to drive the healthcare industry towards comprehensive smart hospital solutions. This endeavor encompasses the following:

  • Designs and installations of basic infrastructures, including data centers, IT and communications systems, as well as cloud-based systems.
  • Big data analytics that can manage, integrate, analyze, and process big data to support a culture of informed/data-driven decision making, where relevant data is used in administration, KPI monitoring, operations, Customer 360, and marketing, among others.
  • Security systems, including cybersecurity, PDPA management, disaster recovery, and security operations centers, available 24/7. 
  • Designs and installations of AI processing centers to support research and service enhancements. Benefits include X-Ray and MRI image analyses to support disease diagnoses, and DNA analyses to support therapeutic and vaccine developments.
  • Healthcare Operations Center (HOC), a data analytics system, with capabilities to issue warning alerts when detecting discrepancies between actual hospital resource management results  and plans.  The system also accommodates team, hospital bed, surgery room scheduling, and patient case management through a near real-time dashboard screen. 
  • Integration of technologies to improve out-patient treatments, for example, the joint use of the Command Center and the Smart Ambulance systems to provide emergency medical services.  Other highlights include telemedicine and health teleconsultant focusing on consultations with doctors specialized in chronic non-infectious diseases which require ongoing follow-ups and medications.  The services also extend to cover remote patient monitoring through personal healthcare devices, including wearable and home devices, and telesurgery which allow a surgery to be performed by a robot, together with 5G technology which enables the real-time transmission of high resolution surgery images and surgery device control commands.


G-Able continues to pursue and innovate these IT solutions in order to unlock the potential of the healthcare sector with smart hospital solutions across the country for the good health of all Thai people.