Japan-based startup RECEIPTROLLER leverages Vonage APIs to reduce paper waste


Vonage, a global leader in cloud communications helping businesses accelerate their digital transformation, announced  that RECEIPTROLLER, a Japan-based startup which aims to reduce paper receipts by providing an electronic receipt service, is leveraging Vonage Communications APIs to reduce waste as part of the Vonage for Startups program. 


RECEIPTROLLER is on a mission to help environmentally conscious businesses around the world reduce their amount of paper waste through electronic receipts. Powered by the Vonage SMS API and Messages API, RECEIPTROLLER enables businesses to issue electronic receipts from a linked POS (cash register) directly to the consumers through designated channels, including SMS, WhatsApp, Viber and Facebook Messenger. RECEIPTROLLER also allows users to link the issued electronic receipts to their accounting system to automate their expense reimbursement.


“Companies around the world are reevaluating their relationship to the environment and need access to tools that revolutionize the way that business has always been done. At RECEIPTROLLER, we wanted to help by creating a simple, stress-free interaction between stores and customers that both streamlines the payment process and reduces paper waste,” said Shohei Shimoda, CEO, RECEIPTROLLER. “Vonage APIs provide a flexible, reliable way to connect users via the most popular communications channels on a global basis. By working with the Vonage for Startup program, we were able to take advantage of resources that allowed us to quickly integrate the Vonage SMS and Messages APIs into our existing system, saving both time and money - two things that are crucial for a startup like ours.” 


Vonage is committed to supporting global startup communities and the dedicated Vonage for Startups program provides resources that enable founders to build faster, reach more customers and focus their time on what matters most - their customers. Leveraging Vonage Communication APIs can help these businesses save time, money and worry, as out of the box APIs empower startups to quickly and cost-effectively scale certain aspects of their business, while building customizable, memorable customer engagements. Chosen startups like RECEIPTROLLER receive access to Vonage technical resources and curated startup content, the ability to utilize Vonage APIs through a credits package and tailored technical sessions, support provided by the Vonage team and the opportunity to engage with other founders, developers and advocates.


“Vonage SMS and Messages APIs enable businesses like RECEIPTROLLER to extend the reach of their services and communicate with customers on whichever channel they love most, from SMS to WhatsApp to social apps,” said Colin Brown, VP Product & Carrier Services, Vonage. “We are proud to work with startups and businesses around the world to help them build better connections, conversations and engagement with their customers.”