TeamViewer expands its footprint in Thailand to help Thai organizations in digital transformation

Sojung Lee, TeamViewer's APAC President
Sojung Lee, TeamViewer's APAC President


TeamViewer, a leading global provider of remote connectivity and workplace digitalization solutions, on the auspicious occasion to organise the TeamViewer Augmented Reality Experience Day in Thailand has revealed its business plan to support key industries in accelerating the digital transformation and enable them to improve productivity and efficiency.


(Above) Andrew Cole and (Below) Denis Irvin, Manchester United legends have tested AR solutions at the TeamViewer Augmented Reality Experience Day in Thailand


Starting with remote access and IT support software in Germany in 2005, TeamViewer has become a global technology company that enables companies of all sizes and from all industries to digitally transform their businesses and optimize processes with innovative technologies. TeamViewer’s enterprise remote connectivity solutions enable businesses not only to manage their entire IT infrastructure and office devices, but also to remotely connect and control operational technology (OT) equipment or embedded devices.


The company’s product portfolio now ranges from remote access and support tools to managed enterprise connectivity and solutions for the digitalization of industrial business processes based on Augmented Reality.


Over the past years, TeamViewer has not only broadened its solution portfolio, but also expanded its presence around the globe including in the APAC region, opening offices in India, China, Japan and most recently Korea.  Thailand, the 2nd largest economy of the ASEAN Region has transitioned its focus from being an industrial economy to a digital economy, following the widespread proliferation of the internet and Thai Government’s aggressive push towards digital transformation.


Thailand’s information technology (IT) market will grow more than 13 percent year on year and will worth Bt527 billion by the end of this year. The key issue enabling growth is the flow of digital use in all industries, the services sector, and the growing tendency for digital usage in all sectors, including social platform, cashless society, blockchain, chatbot, programmatic, and video clips including 3D, augmented reality and virtual reality.


Thailand is one of the top three countries behind Singapore and Malaysia at a stage of development for the fourth industrial revolution (4IR) readiness in the areas of technology and innovation, human capital, global trade investment, institutional framework such as government policy and support, sustainable resources and environment. One of the five key technologies that help the manufacturing sector adopt and transform into 4IR is wearable augmented reality and virtual reality.


Over the last three years, TeamViewer invested significantly in the area of Augmented Reality. We now offer a leading enterprise AR platform that offers a comprehensive set of capabilities around Augmented and Mixed Reality and we recently added even AI features. Therefore, we see ourselves as a major driver of the industrial metaverse with lots of valuable solutions. One example is TeamViewer’s usage in training scenarios in the automotive industry. New employees learn – using mixed reality glasses like the Microsoft Hololens and TeamViewer’s spatial capability within our Frontline platform – how to inspect and repair cars, seeing a 3D hologram with instructions on top of the real car.


Digitalizing Processes for Frontline Workers with Industrial AR Solutions and Optimizing IT/OT Management with Remote Connectivity


TeamViewer offers the enterprise AR platform TeamViewer Frontline that enables companies to digitalize processes for frontline workers at the shopfloor using software running on smart glasses and mobile devices. TeamViewer Frontline offers the easy creation of step-by-step guided workflows as well as precise and reliable remote troubleshooting and contextual knowledge sharing via a shared camera stream and AR annotations. It includes ready-to-deploy solutions for order picking, assembly, quality assurance, maintenance and inspection, training, and remote assistance while being highly customizable.


APAC President Sojung Lee explained the emerging need for an industrial metaverse along with the TeamViewer vision. Sojung Lee said, “Digital technologies like remote connectivity and Augmented Reality will shape the future workplace. The ‘industrial metaverse’ is already the next step in the convergence of physical and digital realms.” Lee added, “We see great potential for Thailand where the digital transformation of organisations is being accelerated in a broad range of industries.   In Thailand TeamViewer will focus on driving its remote connectivity and Augmented Reality (AR) solutions for companies of all sizes in any industry, helping them achieve digital transformation across the entire value chain.  The expansion of TeamViewer in the Thai market, which has high growth potential and strategic importance, is one of the company’s key initiatives to strengthen its APAC footprint and we will also focus on establishing a strong ecosystem with local alliances, including channel partners, distributors.”

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