Tinder brings its online dating crash course - School of Swipe™ - to Thailand

Tinder, the world’s most popular app for meeting new people, is now rolling out School of Swipe (https://th.schoolofswipe.com), its first-ever crash course in online dating in Thailand. Launched for the first time in Singapore in 2022, School of Swipe is a first-of-its-kind initiative for the app globally and will now also be available across Southeast Asia in Thai, Bahasa Indonesian and Vietnamese apart from English. The online resource offers guidance on the online-to-offline dating journey and is a long-term initiative created by Tinder to help singletons everywhere build confidence as they seek out new connections.


A survey* conducted by Tinder reveals that young singles in Thailand most commonly feel “excited” (78%) and “hopeful” (58%) about their dating future, and Tinder data reveals that a long term relationship is the most popular Relationship Goal amongst its members globally. Yet, despite the optimism and desire for a long term relationship, more than half (55%) of those interviewed say that they “feel awkward” or hesitate in making the first move. Although more than 50% of those surveyed say that they feel free to be themselves and choose the person they want to connect with on a dating app, one-third find it difficult to start conversations with matches.


As recently portrayed on Tinder’s first-ever global brand campaign, “It Starts With A SwipeTM”, this new generation of singles has no time to waste, and no tolerance for dating games. School of Swipe has therefore been built as an easily accessible mobile-first wingmate featuring a series of how-to guides. The resource aims to demystify online dating with tips presented in a vibrant and informative way, focusing on common challenges shared amongst young singles. School of Swipe accompanies daters through the entire journey of online dating: from setting up a profile to setting up the first date. Hopeful singles will find how-to tips to rock a good conversation, make a real-life connection and safely explore potential connections on Tinder for every mood and activity.


“Thailand is home to many young adult singles, and many of them being digital natives, are excited to connect with new people online. Yet, we’ve learnt from them that when they are faced with questions about dating, they are not quite sure where to go or who to speak to. And that's where Tinder, as the world’s largest dating app, comes in. With School of Swipe™, we want to help young adult singles feel more confident in their dating journeys. The resource complements Tinder’s continuous in-app feature innovations and tutorials to make dating fun and safe for all young adult singles,” said Papri Dev, Vice President, Communications at Tinder.


Tinder member Hippo, shared, “School of Swipe is a great idea! For those new to Tinder, School of Swipe is your friend - it can help you navigate the app, create a profile, explain about the different features and also offers real-life dating advice.”


Tinder member Iva notes the importance of safe dating; “School of Swipe is really interesting and I like that it’s presented in a fun way and is easy-to-use. Most important to me is how it discusses dating safety and that the site includes practical advice on how to deal with different situations when you go on a first date. As a woman, I feel School of Swipe can help us to prepare ourselves for both online dating and IRL dating.”


Over the past years, Tinder has expanded its portfolio of features, giving members new and interactive ways to enjoy the dating journey in-app. Recently, the app introduced Dating Goals, a profile feature that enables members to signal what they are looking for whilst simultaneously giving members more control over who they connect with by having more insight into a potential match's intentions, and Relationship Type - a profile feature where members can show the type of relationship they are looking by selecting from monogamy, ethical non-monogamy, open relationship, polyamory and open to exploring. The app also announced that it has further strengthened its real time safety features to deliver experiences that encourage healthy interactions. 


How to: School of Swipe

Step 1. Head to https://th.schoolofswipe.com on your Internet browser. Works best on mobile!

Step 2. Slide across the screen to navigate modules including App Academy, IRL Dating and Safety Syllabus

Step 3. Each module offers a series of classes presented in cheerful illustrated infographics to help singles feel more confident in online dating. The infographics can be downloaded.

Step 4. Share the link with a friend and be a wingmate!

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