TPCX collaboration with Wagyu Lab Blockchain project-based agency


TPCX Company Limited (TPCX) collaboration with Wagyu Lab Company Limited to operate the service provider business in branding, strategy consulting and advertising of businesses on blockchain technology. This is in response to the widely popular digital asset market nowadays.


Based on the data, Thailand accounts for one of the world’s highest per capita in the share of citizens owning digital assets. This has demonstrated that how quickly Thai investors have embraced blockchain technology and the digital asset markets. In the past few years, there have been numerous of PR media garnering significant attention, making Thailand one of the top target markets for global business expansion.


Mr. Pitaxpong Chaisaeng, Senior Marketing Manager, TPCX Company Limited (TPCX), revealed that “we are the service provider and business consultant, specializing in Branding Marketing as well as Marketing Planning and e-commerce business with the aim of becoming the One Stop Service Agency for government and private organizations. Wagyu Lab is made up of a group of blockchain and specialized marketing experts. As we enter the ASEAN market this year, starting in Vietnam, the Philippines, and Singapore, we are convinced that this partnership will help us grow as a one-stop marketing solution provider, destined to fulfill the demands of businesses both domestically and internationally.


Mr. Nut Joongwong, Managing Director of Wagyu Lab Company Limited, a blockchain-based business consulting and PR firm said, “The Company's goal is to grow the access of the public to blockchain technology while improving the quality standard of the public relations media so that people can obtain accurate and easy-to-understand information. Additionally, it would assist investors avoid costly mistakes.”


This partnership with TPCX undoubtedly marks a crucial step towards becoming the leader in integrating the world of marketing and the world of blockchain technology Mr. Nat further added.

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