China to see breakthroughs in robotics by 2025

Source: Xinhua  Editor: huaxia  2021-12-28 19:02:30


China has pledged to achieve breakthroughs in core robotic technologies and related high-end products by 2025, according to a guideline released Tuesday.


The country will strive to become a global hub for robotics innovation by then, attaining the performance and reliability for key robot components to meet international standards, said the guideline jointly issued by state organs such as the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology.


For the robotics industry, the annual growth rate of its operating revenue is expected to exceed 20 percent on average by 2025, and the robot density in the manufacturing industry will double from the current level, the guideline said.


Vowing progress in developing technologies and robot operating systems, the guideline noted that the country will encourage industrial innovation and expand application scenarios to achieve the set targets. 


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