Opensignal unveils Thailand Mobile Network Experience Report  May 2023

Opensignal unveils Thailand Mobile Network Experience Report May 2023, found that  AIS is again the most awarded operator, with nine outright and two joint wins — although its award haul is lower by two joint wins compared to the previous report. Our users in Thailand enjoy the fastest speeds on AIS’ network, along with the best games and voice app experience — both overall and 5G. While the operator retains Excellent Consistent Quality and pulls ahead of TrueMove H for Upload Speed Experience — it slips off the winners’ podium for 5G Availability.


DTAC increases its award count by snatching Video Experience away from TrueMove H and climbing on the winners’ podium for 5G Video Experience, while it remains the sole winner for Core Consistent Quality. TrueMove H loses its hold on the Video Experience and Upload Speed Experience awards in favor of its competitors. However, it turns a joint win for 5G Availability into an outright one this time around, due to breaking out of statistical ties with AIS for this award.




Key Findings:


TrueMove H pulls ahead of AIS, winning 5G Availability outright

In the previous report, AIS and TrueMove H jointly won 5G Availability after TrueMove H jumped on the winners’ podium for this award. This time, TrueMove H wins 5G Availability outright, thanks to sizable improvements in this metric. Our TrueMove H 5G users spend 28.7% of their time with an active 5G connection — 3.5 percentage points more than their AIS peers.


AIS wins Upload Speed Experience outright and increases its winning margin for other speed awards

AIS reigns supreme in all speed categories, both overall and 5G. The operator remains the sole winner of 5G Download Speed, 5G Upload Speed, and Download Speed Experience — and widens its lead over second-placed TrueMove H for all of these awards. On top of this, AIS breaks out of the statistical tie for Upload Speed Experience it was in with TrueMove H and claims the award outright, with a score of 9.6Mbps. Noteworthily, DTAC’s 5G Download Speed doubled, due to access to the 2.6GHz band.


DTAC jumps on the top spot for both video awards

TrueMove H was the sole winner of Video Experience in the last report. However, this time around DTAC snatches the award away from the previous outright winner and claims it all to itself, with a score of 60.7 points on a 100-point scale — one point ahead of TrueMove H. For 5G Video Experience, DTAC joins the previous outright winner AIS on the top spot of the podium, with scores of 73.2-73.6 points. All national operators in Thailand rate as Very Good (68-78) for 5G video services.


AIS remains the sole winner of games and voice app awards

AIS wins 5G Games Experience and 5G Voice App Experience awards outright for the third time in a row — and retains both overall awards as well, Games Experience and Voice App Experience. All Thailand’s operators place in the Good (75-85) category for 5G Games Experience and receive Good (80-87) ratings for 5G Voice App Experience.


AIS and DTAC retain their respective consistency awards

AIS wins Excellent Consistent Quality, for the third time in a row in Opensignal reports, with a score of 66%. DTAC takes second place, 6.1 percentage points behind AIS. However, DTAC remains unbeatable for the other consistency award — Core Consistent Quality — and claims it for the third consecutive time, with a score of 88%, 1.7 percentage points ahead of TrueMove H.


AIS excels in regional speed awards, but TrueMove H dominates regional 5G Availability

AIS collects the bulk of its overall experience regional awards mainly in Download Speed Experience, Upload Speed Experience, and Games Experience. DTAC reigns in the regional Video Experience category, winning outright in five out of seven regions. In terms of 5G regional awards, AIS achieves a clean sweep in both 5G Download Speed and 5G Upload Speed categories, winning outright in all six regions. However, TrueMove H shines in the regional 5G Availability awards.


Regional Analysis

AIS leads the regional overall experience award haul with 20 outright and seven joint wins out of 35 awards available in the overall experience section, with the bulk of awards mainly in Download Speed Experience, Upload Speed Experience, and Games Experience. The award count for DTAC and TrueMove H is more modest. DTAC wins five regional awards outright — all for Video Experience — and three jointly, while TrueMove H collects two sole and seven shared wins.



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