Chinese tech firm launches cyber security solution software in Kenya

Source: Xinhua  Editor: huaxia  2023-04-28 22:22:30


Chinese tech firm Huawei on Friday launched its latest cyber security service targeting the Kenyan private and public sectors, deepening the use of cloud storage solutions and artificial intelligence systems amid escalating cyber attacks.


Gao Fei, chief executive officer of Huawei Kenya, told a technology forum in the Kenyan capital of Nairobi that Ransomware Protection 2.0 is designed to address emerging technologies, including the cloud, Internet of Things, and artificial intelligence, which are spreading rapidly.


The new developments mean that cyber security risks are rising, Gao said, noting that for the country to benefit from the expansionary economic impact of ICT (information and communications technology), maintaining a secure ICT environment is critical.


"The ICT sector is growing rapidly; it is important to ensure that every business' systems are working well without facing malicious threats, such as ransomware, that disrupt day-to-day operations and bring real financial costs," Gao said.


Naveen Kumar, chief technology officer of the Data Storage Product Line at Huawei Kenya, said the product provides real-time monitoring and protection from ransomware attacks.


Kumar said ransomware attacks are one of the most common forms of cyber security threats where the attacker encrypts personal or corporate data and asks for payment in return for decrypting the data.


Andrew Opiyo, director of ICT at the Ministry of Information, Communications and The Digital Economy, said Kenya is facing increasing threats of cyber security attacks due to the rising uptake of digital and online services.


Opiyo said the Huawei solution will help to boost the protection of the country's ICT networks as well as end-user devices such as computers and mobile phones.


He added that with a digital infrastructure that includes data storage being a critical component of the Kenya National Digital Master Plan 2022-2032, it is important for the country to pursue enhanced vigilance against cyber criminals.