Ericsson launches Networks solutions aimed at Net Zero emissions during MWC 2023

Igor Maurell, Head of Ericsson Thailand
Igor Maurell, Head of Ericsson Thailand


  • A new range of 10 radios led by triple-band Radio 4485, which is 53 percent lighter than comparable products. Also launching new mobile transport and software solutions
  • Industry-first, 600MHz Massive MIMO radio with Ericsson-unique Interference Sensing software that adds up to 40 percent more capacity with portfolio-wide hardware support
  • Ericsson plans to offer AIR 6419 and Radio 4490 solutions in the Thai market to deliver the ultimate network efficiency for both consumers and enterprises.


Ericsson’s (NASDAQ: ERIC) leadership in supporting service providers’ Net Zero ambitions, while meeting market demands for higher 5G capacity and revenue growth, has taken a major step forward with the launch of an enhanced RAN and Transport portfolio at Mobile World Congress (MWC) 2023 in Barcelona, Spain.


More than 10 new Ericsson solutions will cut carbon emissions and site footprint, increase energy performance, and boost network capacity. The full range of new remote radios for 4G and 5G capacity is led by the triple-band Radio 4485 for FDD (frequency-division duplexing), which is 53 percent lighter and consumes about 22 percent less energy than comparable products. New dual and single-band radios have also been launched.


Ericsson has also introduced a new range of wideband Massive MIMO radios – spearheaded by the industry-first, ultra-wideband AIR6476 – which provides 600MHz instantaneous bandwidth that doubles capacity without  additional antenna footprint and enhances user experience.


Software is in the spotlight as well with new features such as Interference Sensing, which optimizes mid-band Massive MIMO performance by minimizing inter-cell interference and increasing network capacity by up to 40 percent.



The new solution will be on show in Ericsson’s booth in Hall 2 at the Fira Gran Via during MWC Barcelona 2023 from February 27 to March 2. The portfolio additions will be commercially available during 2023 and  Q1, 2024.


In Thailand Ericsson will market its Massive MIMO, AIR 6419 B41 and Radio 4490 B1/B3 solutions to deliver the ultimate network efficiency for both consumers and enterprises.


“With our strong global 5G presence and high-performance solutions, we are powering the network infrastructure in Thailand to deliver the best customer experience for consumers and become the best platform for key stakeholders in the enterprise segment to digitalize their business operations at a very competitive cost,” said Igor Maurell, Head of Ericsson Thailand.


Ericsson recently tested the latest generation product of Massive MIMO, AIR 6419 B41 solution on 2600-MHz spectrums and the result shows the product as delivering an excellent performance with less maintenance requirement due to its passive cooling system.


The company is also undergoing a testing of its Radio 4490 B1/B3 products on 2100- and 1800-MHz dual bands. The solution is the mainstream radio for high-density urban areas, consuming 25% less power and weighing 25% lower compared to the previous product. Radio 4490 also requires less maintenance with its passive cooling system. The testing is expected to be completed by the end of February 2023.


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