Opensignal unveils “Thailand Mobile Network Experience Report  Nov 2022

Opensignal unveils Thailand Mobile Network Experience Report Nov 2022, found that AIS has the lion’s share of awards, winning nine of them outright and four jointly — compared to 11 sole and one shared victory in the previous report. AIS adds an additional joint win under its belt after forcing a statistical tie against TrueMove H for Upload Speed Experience. Our users in Thailand enjoyed the fastest download speeds on the AIS network, both 5G and overall — along with the best games and voice app experience. The operator also retains its awards for Upload Speed Experience, 5G Video Experience and Excellent Consistent Quality as their sole winner.


However, TrueMove H ends with two more awards than last time. It adds 5G Availability and 5G Reach to its collection of joint wins, sharing the podium with the previous sole winner AIS. Both TrueMove H and DTAC win only one award outright this time — Video Experience and Core Consistent Quality, respectively. Just like in the previous report, all three operators are joint winners for Availability.




Key Findings:


AIS can’t be beaten on speed

AIS takes the top spots for all speed categories, both overall and 5G. It retains its previously won outright awards for 5G Download Speed, 5G Upload Speed and Download Speed Experience. AIS wins 5G Download Speed with a score of 156.4 Mbps — 55.8% faster than TrueMove H. On top of that, the operator forced a statistical tie against TrueMove H for Upload Speed Experience and as a result, both are joint winners of this award, with identical scores of 8.2 Mbps.


Video Experience goes to TrueMove H, but AIS keeps hold of 5G Video Experience

This time around, TrueMove H wins only one award outright, for Video Experience. The operator does so with a score of 42.1 points — 1.1 points ahead of second-placed DTAC. However, AIS keeps a firm grip on 5G Video Experience, winning it outright for the second time in a row. Our AIS and TrueMove H users enjoyed a Very Good (65-75) 5G Video Experience, while DTAC placed in a category below — Good (55-65).


AIS keeps a firm grip on its games and voice app awards

AIS defends both 5G Games Experience and 5G Voice App Experience awards, winning both of them outright for the second consecutive time. In both cases, the operator wins ahead of DTAC, commanding modest leads of 2.3 and 1.1 points on a 100 point scale, respectively. Both AIS and DTAC placed in the Good (75-85) category for 5G Games Experience. AIS also remains the sole winner of both overall awards — Games Experience and Voice App Experience.


DTAC and AIS continue to be recognised for consistency

Opensignal observed no changes in award holders when it comes to consistency categories — with both previous winners securing them for the second time in a row in Opensignal reports. AIS wins Excellent Consistent Quality, with a score of 62.9% — two percentage points higher than in the previous report. After a modest increase of 0.6 percentage points, DTAC keeps hold of Core Consistent Quality with a score of 87.1% — making it the operator’s only outright win this time around.


Our AIS and TrueMove H 5G users connected to 5G services for more than 20% of the time

In the previous report, AIS was the sole winner of 5G Availability and 5G Reach. This time, however, TrueMove H jumps onto the winners’ podium for both awards and shares them with AIS. Both operators jointly win 5G Availability with scores of 22.6-23.2% — meaning, our users on these networks connected to 5G services for more than 20% of the time. DTAC comes third, at least 10 percentage points behind the winners.


Regional Analysis:


AIS dominates the overall experience regional awards table with 22 sole and four shared wins out of 35 awards available in seven regions of Thailand. TrueMove H secures six regional awards outright and six jointly — mostly in Video Experience — while DTAC’s collection is more modest, with just one outright and two joint wins, all in Video Experience. AIS’s haul includes clean sweeps across all regions in Games Experience and Voice App Experience. Our AIS users in Bangkok Metropolis enjoyed the best gaming and voice app experience in the country, with scores of 75.3 and 80.1 points respectively. This was the only region in Thailand where we observed Good (75-85) overall Games Experience and Good (80-87) overall Voice App experience.



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