Siemens showcases energy transition technologies to drive carbon neutrality


  1. Siemens' intelligent Microgrid Control for grid monitoring and control enables use of real-time data for analytics and decision making, drive clean energy use and reduce carbon emissions. The solution was implemented at the world's largest Hydro-Floating Solar Hybrid Project at Sirindhorn Dam, Ubon Ratchathani Province


  1. Siemens’ RUGGEDCOM advanced networking solutions provide fast and reliable communications for electric power with holistic approach to cybersecurity that helps prepare for energy transition


  1. Industrial 5G solutions for energy distribution and transmission


Electricity is the backbone of economic and societal development. The demand for electricity continues to rise and the world needs sustainable, affordable, and reliable energy supply. Siemens continuously supports energy transition towards more sustainable, greener energy systems.


At the two co-located events SETA 2022 and Enlit Asia, Siemens presents its latest innovation to help utility operator, IPP (independent power producer), EPC (engineering, procurement and construction contract), and stakeholders in power sector with energy transition to achieve carbon neutrality target.


Siemens at SETA 2022 

Smart electrification solutions to accelerate the transformation to decarbonized energy future.

  1. Intelligent Microgrid Control with maximum flexibility: energy management system for variety of energy sources that can be seamlessly integrated into existing control systems with little footprint, optimizing power according to availability, efficiency, or cost.


  1. blue Gas-insulated Switchgear (GIS) : 100% sustainable performance: Innovative switchgear that is digitalized, compact, maintenance-free and now fluorine gas-free – Siemens’ blue GIS fully supports sustainable energy distribution.


  1. Energy Intelligence with Internet of Things (IoT):  A number of innovative IoT applications that will support digital journey in energy distribution such as NXpower Monitor that monitors and visualize electrical assets throughout the world 24/7 from any location, SIPROTEC dashboard application for utility operator to monitor protection devices from various providers.


Siemens at Enlit Asia 

Siemens’ RUGGEDCOM portfolio for secure and reliable digital substation communications.


  1. Rugged communications for electric power systems: Rugged networking devices for secure and reliable substations communications (IEC 61850-3 certified family) including designing networks with seamless redundancy and implementing holistic cybersecurity for the digital substation.


  1. Rugged communications for harsh environments: High-port density switch, designed for and put to the test under the harshest environments, provides a high level of immunity to electromagnetic interference, heavy electrical surges, extreme temperatures and humidity. RUGGEDCOM switches meet and exceed recognized industry standards for performance in mission-critical applications. Grid operators can also design redundant and fault-tolerant network topologies to maximize network uptime.


  1. Cybersecurity for critical infrastructure: RUGGEDCOM industrial PC can deploy industry-leading software for threat detection and threat prevention right to the grid edge bringing advanced cybersecurity capabilities to utility environment.


Industrial 5G solutions for energy distribution and transmission: Specially developed for applications in demanding environment such as energy distribution and transmission, Siemens industrial 5G router provides ultra-reliable low-latency communication and high bandwidths using state-of-the-art public 5G networks that provide secure connectivity to remote distribution substations.


At Enlit Asia, Siemens demonstrates how to safeguard Industrial Control System (ICS) by integrating Fortinet and Nozomi Networks as well as industrial 5G secure wireless connectivity for critical infrastructure with Zero Trust approach.

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