Ericsson showcases latest 5G Innovations at Imagine Live Thailand


  • Ericsson and key stakeholders to collaborate for driving digital transformation in Thailand.
  • Ericsson brings the MWC 2022 experience to Thailand by demonstrating its latest innovations, insights, offerings and portfolio.


Ericsson (NASDAQ: ERIC) launched its Imagine Live Thailand 2022 – a three-day event that serves as a platform for collaboration among key stakeholders in the telecommunication industry to drive Thailand’s digital transformation based on 5G.


The highlight of the event was the participation of key stakeholders, including the Embassy of Sweden in Thailand, the Royal Thai Government’s Digital Economy Promotion Agency (DEPA), King Mongkut Institute of Technology Thonburi (KMUTT) and Thai mobile operators, which marks their joint commitment to promote and accelerate digital transformation in Thailand.


Ericsson and DEPA will cooperate towards sharing their best practices, strategies as well as other relevant digital initiatives to promote innovations that support the development of Thailand’s digital economy.


Earlier in July, Ericsson and KMUTT jointly signed an MoU to join hands towards educating Thai students on 5G technology. KMUTT students will be provided access to ‘Ericsson Educate’, Ericsson’s online education initiative, which supplements KMUTT students’ ongoing technical studies with courses that would strengthen their ICT skills and increase their readiness for jobs in the Thai telecom sector.


“Ericsson will work closely together with our key stakeholders to drive the vision of Thailand 4.0 ecosystem. As the global 5G technology leader, Ericsson will bring its state-of-the -art technology and solutions together with its global experience and expertise to realize Thailand’s goal towards an integrated digital economy and society,” states Igor Maurell, Head of Ericsson Thailand.



We will be working with Ericsson as our strategic partner in driving the ecosystem development in Thailand. Our key mission is to partner with stakeholders in the industry to come up with strategic plan to enhance the digital economy and society together with fostering innovations, which are relevant to DEPA’s goal to create the better living and bolster the competitiveness of the country,” said Dr. Passakorn Prathombutr, DEPA’s Senios Executive Vice President.


The Imagine Live Thailand 2022 comprises of thought leadership sessions and a unique technology demonstration experience area, showcasing Ericsson’s latest offerings, portfolio, innovation & insights


Ericsson showcases various innovative solutions and use cases, including holographic communication, smart agricultural technology in Metaverse, time-critical communication and successful 5G-enabled business use cases from around the world.



“Digital infrastructure plays a critical role in our society, with communication technologies helping to address social, environmental, and economic challenges all across the globe,” Igor said. “We are working to ensure that the robust 5G network platform of today continues to evolve towards the 6G era, delivering new capabilities and superior performance.”


Ericsson is a global 5G leader and today powers 130 live 5G networks in 56 countries with 17 live 5G standalone networks across the world.

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