THAILAND Mobile Network Experience Report Nov 2021

Opensignal unveils the ninth report of Thailand Mobile Network Experience Report  Nov 2021 found that AIS dominates the awards table with six outright wins — the most it has ever gained in the history of our Thai reports. After impressive boosts in speeds, AIS snatched our two speed awards — Download Speed Experience and Upload Speed — away from the previous winner, TrueMove H. The operator also defended its crowns in the Games Experience, Voice App Experience, 4G Availability and 4G Coverage Experience categories. Video Experience is the only award AIS is missing for the clean sweep in Thailand, as TrueMove H keeps a firm grip of it.


In this report, we've analyzed the mobile network experience for all three of Thailand's national operators — AIS, DTAC and TrueMove H — over a period of 90 days beginning July 1 and ending September 28, 2021, to see how they fared. Alongside the national analysis, we've also measured our users' experience in seven regions of the country to see how they match up. 5G measurements contributed to the overall scores.


AIS wins its first Download Speed Experience award after a stunning speed boost

AIS has never won an Opensignal speed award before, but this has changed now as our AIS users saw both the fastest average download and upload speeds in Thailand. AIS takes home the Download Speed Experience award after a breathtaking increase in users’ speeds of 10.4 Mbps, which helped it to move from third to first place. AIS’ score is 18.1 Mbps which is over twice as fast as its score in our previous report and 2.6 Mbps (16.4%) ahead of previous winner TrueMove H.


AIS also secures the Upload Speed Experience award for the first time

Similarly to the Download Speed Experience award, AIS claims the Upload Speed Experience award for the first time, after an impressive increase compared to our previous report. Our users on AIS’s network saw an increase of around 70% in their average upload speeds. With a score of 8 Mbps, AIS landed in first place, beating the previous title holder TrueMove H whose users experienced 0.2 Mbps slower average upload speed than our AIS users.


TrueMove H keeps hold of the Video Experience award

Ever since we introduced our Video Experience award in our May 2019 report, TrueMove H has won it either jointly, or outright, in every report so far. The operator wins again this time, with a score of 62.5 points on a 100-point scale — 2.7 points ahead of second-placed DTAC and 6.1 points ahead of AIS. All Thai operators placed in the Good category (55-65)for the quality of video streaming experience across mobile networks.


AIS remains unmatched for the Games Experience and Voice App Experience awards

Opensignal first included the Voice App Experience award in our November 2019 and the Games Experience award — in April 2020. AIS dominated both of these categories since the very beginning — and this time is no different, as AIS outright wins Voice App Experience and Games Experience for the fifth and fourth time in a row, respectively. AIS is also the only operator in Thailand to place in the Fair (65-75) category for Games Experience.


Our 4G extent awards stay in AIS’s hands

As with the case for the two experiential awards — Games Experience and Voice App Experience — we are yet to see a different winner of the 4G Coverage Experience award in Thailand, other than AIS. The operator wins this award outright for the fourth consecutive time, with a score of 9.2 points, and remains the sole holder since we introduced it in April 2020. AIS also claims the 4G Availability award for the seventh time in a row, remaining unbeatable since our November 2018 report, when it pried the award out of TrueMove H’s hands.


Regional Analysis:

AIS dominating the awards table at a regional level — with 28 outright and six joint wins out of 42 awards available — including wins in all seven regions for Download Speed Experience. TrueMove H takes home only eight outright awards this time, including all seven of the regions for Video Experience, and two additional joint wins. DTAC shares four regional awards with AIS, one more than in our previous report.


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