TrueMoney empowers merchants with the launch of ‘Membership Mini Program'

  • The new B2B service helps merchants to recruit new customers and increase sales amidst the challenges of the Covid-19 pandemic
  • TrueMoney aims to have 500 shops onboard and help them recruit 2 million memberships by the end of 2021


TrueMoney, Southeast Asia’s leading e-payment service provider and Thailand’s largest e-wallet platform, today introduces a brand-new B2B flagship service for merchants called 'Membership Mini Program'. This new mini app on TrueMoney Wallet application offers membership service together with an easy to use, on-demand and customizable customer relationship management platform.  It empowers merchants and operators who are currently challenged by COVID-19 to expand their customer base to over 17 million TrueMoney users while retaining existing customers. The service also enables the merchants to analyse customer information so that they can better understand consumer purchasing behavior and create effective targeted marketing campaigns.


Ms. Monsinee Nakapanant, Co-President of Ascend Money Company Limited, said “This year's challenges and the impact of the COVID-19 epidemic have forced businesses to make substantial adjustments.  Entrepreneurs are looking for digital marketing tools and channels that help them understand customer needs and create a positive user experience to accelerate business performance. To answer those needs, TrueMoney has applied its technology, networks and talents to offer a new service that can help merchants manage and grow their customer base called the 'Membership Mini Program'. This mini app on TrueMoney Wallet can help them reduce the cost of technology, human resources and CRM management effectively. The service is also in line with TrueMoney's vision of enabling everyone to access financial innovations and to create financial inclusion for both users and merchants.”


Mr. Nirun Fuwattananukul, Managing Director of TrueMoney Company Limited  (Thailand) said “TrueMoney recognizes the challenges merchants and entrepreneurs have to face and their urgent need to expand the customer base and increase revenue through new channels. We have therefore developed the "Membership Mini Program", a mini app on the TrueMoney Wallet together with a fully integrated CRM  platform that does just that for merchants. Its features include one-click subscription, discount coupons and auto point collection from spending with TrueMoney Wallet. Besides the membership features,  the Mini-program also helps merchants collect customers’ data, understand their spending behaviour and create effective marketing campaigns that match the target audience."


"Since the service trial started about seven months ago, more than 20 merchants have adopted the service. The ones from the food category are Caffe MuanChon, Sukishi Korean Chacoal Grill, Chounan, BreadTalk, Yogurtland, Bun, Hello Yogurt, A&W, Taco Bell, Penguin Eat Shabu, Yenly Yours, Dak Galbi, YOU&I, Tim Ho Wan, Home Bakery, Praram9 Kaiyang, while the ones from Non-Food category are Nail It! Tokyo, Lashury, APEX and Easy Cut.  Until now, the service has enabled these merchants to recruit more than 400,000 new memberships through our application. More importantly, when comparing members of the Membership Mini Program with non-members, monthly average spending of members usually surpasses that of non-members by 27% and 3-4 times more members had returned to repurchase in the next month than non-members. By the end of 2021, we aim to have over 500 brands onboard, and help them to recruit more than 2 million members onto our platform,” Mr. Nirun added.



Key features and services of the 'Membership Mini Program', include;


  1. Mini-App Icon on TrueMoney Wallet: A brand logo icon will be displayed on the TrueMoney Wallet application to increase brand awareness and help merchants reach over 17 million of TrueMoney Wallet’s active users.
  2. One-Click Membership: A fast and easy subscription for customers with just a click for consent. There is no need to fill in personal information again and the systems will connect the user database to the TrueMoney account. Moreover, the customer information is accurate and secure as it already passed the e-KYC verification process of the TrueMoney Wallet application.
  3. E-Coupon & Promo Code: Merchants can offer a discount coupon or offer marketing campaigns to customers via e-coupon directly in the app to boost sales. This feature can also support online coupons to use on the merchant’s website.
  4. Loyalty Points with Point Mall Catalog: Collecting rewards and redeem points for loyal customers who spend via TrueMoney Wallet at the shop.  The Rewards e-Catalog called ‘Point Mall’, shows a list of rewards / coupons that customers can enjoy.
  5. Auto Point Collection from Payment: Automatically collect points when spending with TrueMoney Wallet with no need to show a membership card or give a phone number to the cashier staff. This makes it convenient for the customer while reducing the merchant’s operation workload.
  6. Product Showcase / Online Menu: Merchants can display product lists with images and prices in the Product e-Catalog / Online Menu, which can be classified by categories or by shop branches.  Restaurants can also use this feature as their online menu.
  7. Auto Push Notification: The service can automatically send customized messages to customers according to their purchasing behavior or interaction with the app, such as sending an invitation message to regular paying customers who are not yet a member to register, or to members who have not yet collected the coupons to collect/use them before they expire. This feature can also remind them of their remaining point balance occasionally to redeem the point for coupons and spend at the store subsequently.


All these platforms are ready-made and were designed for ease of use. Merchants can easily customize the appearance and configure all settings of their Mini Program themselves, as well as effectively track customers spending and marketing activities in the mini program all in one management portal. In addition, TrueMoney’s Technical Support Team is available 24/7 for enquiries and assistance.


“The massive growth of online channels for business and the e-payment industry triggered from consumers’ cashless spending behavior results in many businesses looking for new tools to boost and maintain sales sustainably. CRM are the key to help entrepreneurs understand more of their customers as well as to engage them with the right strategy in order to retain them for the long term. With Membership Mini Program, we not only provide a best-in-class marketing tool but also a new innovative channel (i.e. the mini app) to reach and engage with customers. In the near future, TrueMoney will also add new features on the Membership Mini Program to increase the value proposition for merchants such as selling discount vouchers as well as food delivery services (connecting with the e-coupon, vouchers and points collection). Please stay tuned.” Mr. Nirun concluded.


Business owners or merchants who are interested in TrueMoney Wallet’s “Membership Mini Program”, can get more details and register with our team soon at:

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