Beryl8 sees 5 CRM trends

Apisek Tewinpagti, Co-founder and CEO, Beryl8 Plus Co., Ltd
Apisek Tewinpagti, Co-founder and CEO, Beryl8 Plus Co., Ltd

To stay competitive during the pandemic  and post-Covid 19 era, businesses should clearly identify priorities in achieving the digital transformation milestones, with  end-to-end Customer Relationship Management (‘CRM’) solutions and predictive analytics tools being on top of the list.  This will optimize their resources and sustain profitability in the long run.


Among game changers are Beryl8's following 5 CRM  trends that each business should determine and develop a unique approach that suits its needs and establishing areas of competitive differentiation.


A) Single view of customer 360 degree with customer centricity concept

To simplify work processes and gain maximum benefits of customer database, businesses should build a single, unified source of customer data by integrating information across departments from sales, customer service, marketing, e-commerce channels, operational teams under a single customer ID through end-to-end CRM solutions and applied predictive analytics tools.   For example, a marketing team of retail banking issues a campaign based on consumer insights  analytics and also determine its sales impact within a certain period of time so that they can adapt the campaign to cope with consumer needs and prevailing market conditions.  The branch officers will be automatically tracked by the system to follow up customer calls who are eligible for the said campaigns and provide sales feedback via CRM systems.  Until the applications are filled up, the operational officers can proceed and activate them while customer service team can recheck the status update in the system and respond to the customers’ request at faster speed.


B) Omnichannel is everything

Customers demand that Q&A session must be responsive across various channels and provide high-quality customer experience at the same time.

Advanced CRM solutions unify multiple channels, including telesales, mobile marketing, social campaigns, and more. This new CRM technology trend to enhance client experience can shift with the times.

Businesses should engage with customers in their preferred channel with the right offering, at the right time, and in the right place even outside companies’ owned channels.    Examples in providing this services include Chatbot, LINE Connector, Integration App, Omni Channel Customer Service, Telesales.


C) Personalization for each customer journey

Customers are demanding an increasingly personalized service and expect products and service providers to take actions that incorporate the customer’s purchase history, preferences, context and intent into the equation.  Customer journey analytics will give step-by-step behavioral insights.

One of the perfect customer journey example is in airline business.  The celebrity couple intends to book a flight and hotel for sweet honeymoon vacation.  If the airline’s marketing campaign is recognized by the couple and look attractive with other customized services along the vacation trip, it creates good impression to loyalty customers and satisfactory words of mouth reviews in social networks.  While CRM software with connected operations will start from

Booking and reservation – suggesting the couple preference seat.

Ticketing – sending e-ticket and offer cross-sell and upsell services eg hotel, car services, sightseeing and unseen programs, restaurants, local community tourism, etc.

Pre-check in – sending welcome message via social media.

Check-in – reminder for flight and provide travel information.

Lounge – providing special complementary wine with snacks

Boarding – reminder for boarding gate

Inflight service – serving a special menu or memorial gift to the honeymoon couple.

Arrival – sending hotel information and special activity suggestion.


D) Connected Operations

To maintain loyalty customer experience, all departments need to be able to work together seamlessly. All departments need to be on a unified, single platform that allows for exchanging information, comparing data, and have real-time interactions to serve the customer.


E) Big Data and AI for better CRM

To improve customer experience, businesses can rely on AI technology to guide agents to the right actions, support them with the right insights, and optimize campaigns, products, and pricing in a more timely fashion. In addition, businesses need to look beyond internal data and create customer insight from all sources available to predict what customers want.


“As a leading technology consultant in Cloud and CRM strategic technologies service in collaboration with Salesforce, as the global leader in CRM, over 10 years in Thailand and other neighboring countries, we are committed to help recover and sustain our customers’ businesses by providing expertise, consultation and end-to-end solutions from marketing, sales, customer services, and analytics. Additionally, the rising demand for CRM solutions with predictive analytics, along with an increase in acceptance rates, is expected to create lucrative opportunities in the future”, said Apisek Tewinpagti, Co-founder and CEO, Beryl8 Plus Co., Ltd.


Beryl8’s key success factors are established track records in banks and insurance companies, manufacturing, real estate, retails and e-commerce businesses offering to large, mid-sized and SMEs enterprise across Asia;  in partnership with world-class CRM software provider and work with reliable cloud-technology partners; and continuous development in their products and solutions with technological expertise and adequate teamwork of approximately 200 persons that allow for faster implementation and at a lower cost. 


In addition to its Thai  market, Beryl8 works in numerous industries with many companies across the region including South Korea, Indonesia, Cambodia, Laos, and Vietnam. “With Vietnam’s high growth economy creating demand for digital transformation, the supply of high quality IT work force, Beryl8 aims to grow about 30% over the existing Thailand’s sales figures in the next 3 years.”  said Apisek.


Robert Keith, Managing Director, Head of Salesforce Ventures based in Australia joined a VDO conference call to announce its strategic equity investor with Beryl8 and is selected as the first Salesforce Ventures Portfolio Company in SEA in 2020.   Salesforce Ventures, the global investment arm of Salesforce, invests in the next generation of enterprise technology that extends the power of the Salesforce Platform. Portfolio companies receive funding, strategic advisory, and operating support, and can join pledge 1% to make giving back part of their business model.


Salesforce Ventures has invested in more than 400 companies, including DocuSign, GoCardless, Guild Education, nCino, Twilio, Zoom, and others across 22 countries since 2009.

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