Nestopa introduces Thailand's first AI-powered property portal to transform real estate landscape

Kevin Speakman (R), Co-Founder and CEO of Nestopa and Pattaraporn Teerasataporn (L), Co-Founder and CMO of Nestopa
Kevin Speakman (R), Co-Founder and CEO of Nestopa and Pattaraporn Teerasataporn (L), Co-Founder and CMO of Nestopa

Nestopa has announced the launch of Thailand’s first property portal enhanced by Artificial Intelligence (AI), a pioneering step in revolutionizing the nation’s real estate market. This state-of-the-art platform, designed with a focus on maximizing efficiency and user-friendliness, promises to cater to the diverse needs of Thai and foreign buyers, homeowners, renters, and developers.


Kevin Speakman, Co-Founder and CEO of Nestopa, providing insight says, "Nestopa is at the forefront, integrating AI to redefine the real estate browsing and listing experience. 'Find your next place' is not merely a slogan — it's our ethos, driving innovation and service to create a platform that streamlines every step of the real estate journey. Our ambition is to set new benchmarks in efficiency and trustworthiness, aspiring to be Thailand's premier property portal."


Nestopa's platform is distinct in its ability to offer real-time property listings, addressing a crucial market need through advanced API integrations and AI technology. This capability significantly enhances the property search process, making it more effective for buyers and brokers alike.


The portal's suite of AI tools, such as the “AI Image Description Generator”, automates the creation of detailed property descriptions directly from images, greatly simplifying the listing process.


Further enhancing property visibility, Nestopa offers a range of services such as featured listings,  featured agency slots, and banner placements. Additionally, the platform provides opportunities for professional insights through blogs and press releases. This comprehensive approach ensures that each interaction on the platform is optimized for efficiency, delivering a productive and satisfying experience for all users, including buyers, sellers, agents, and developers.


Underpinned by a team with a decade of expertise in the Thai property market, Nestopa fuses technological innovation with deep market understanding. This synergy ensures a finely tuned platform that resonates with the real estate community's nuanced needs, establishing Nestopa as an industry leader.


Pattaraporn Teerasataporn, Co-Founder and CMO of Nestopa, highlights the platform's marketing prowess, particularly for developers, "Nestopa transcends typical property listings with a full-fledged marketing strategy that is customized for the real estate context. Our suite of services extends to lead generation, content creation, project reviews, and agent events, ensuring that each property reaches its ideal market segment. Our team’s extensive experience and solid industry relationships enable us to create a platform that not only meets but anticipates the needs of our clients.”


“At Nestopa, we offer more than just a property listing service; we deliver a comprehensive marketing strategy tailored to the real estate landscape. Our specialized services, including lead generation, content creation, project reviews, and agent events, ensure that each property is showcased to the ideal audience with maximum efficacy., Thailand's pioneering AI-driven property portal, is making waves not only with its revolutionary platform but also with a significant shift in its international user base. Transitioning from Indian dominance in December 2023 to a Ukrainian surge in January 2024,'s adaptability is showcased on the global stage.


December 2023 saw Indian users dominating, reflecting increased interest in Thai real estate, favorable market conditions, or evolving investment trends. Fast forward to January 2024, a sudden surge in Ukrainian users indicates dynamic shifts in international interest. Potential factors include economic influences, evolving investment trends, and geopolitical developments, particularly in the picturesque island of Phuket.'s overall demographic currently stands at 70% users in Thailand and 30% international users. This change underscores the platform's adaptability and global appeal. As continues to evolve, attracting users from different countries, it solidifies its position as an up-and-coming, innovative resource for those seeking real estate opportunities in Thailand. The platform's responsiveness to market dynamics, coupled with its AI-driven features, highlights its relevance on the global stage.

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