India's supercomputer ranked 75th in World's Top 500 List

Source: Sputniknews   25.5.2023


AIRAWAT is India's fastest supercomputer, designed to leverage scalable infrastructure and act as a shared cloud computing platform connecting all of India's AI centers of excellence.


AIRAWAT, India's supercomputer is powered by artificial intelligence (AI); it has secured the 75th position in the prestigious Top 500 Global Supercomputing List.


Developed to utilize scalable infrastructure and serve as a comprehensive computing cloud platform, connecting India's leading centers of AI expertise, AIRAWAT is housed at the Centre for the Development of Advanced Computing (C-DAC) in Pune.


This remarkable achievement was announced in a press release by India's Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology during the International Supercomputing Conference (ISC 2023) held in Germany.


"In the digital era, artificial intelligence (AI) stands out as the most promising technology. India possesses a robust ecosystem and competitive advantage in AI due to the vast availability of data, a strong digital economy, and a skilled workforce," stated Alkesh Kumar Sharma, Secretary of India's Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology.


According to Sharma, India is actively engaged in applied AI research, focusing on natural language processing, image processing, pattern recognition, agriculture, medical visualization, education, healthcare, voice assistance, robotics, and strategic sector solutions.


The AI-powered AIRAWAT system is deployed as part of India's National Artificial Intelligence Programme, spearheaded by the government to accelerate the nation's AI capabilities.