China unveils plan on virtual reality development

Source: Xinhua  Editor: huaxia  2022-11-01 19:42:45



China on Tuesday unveiled a plan to boost the development of the virtual reality (VR) industry.


By 2026, the total scale of China's virtual reality industry, including related hardware, software, and applications, will exceed 350 billion yuan (about 48.56 billion U.S. dollars), according to the plan jointly issued by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology and four relevant departments.


Meanwhile, the plan aimed to cultivate 100 enterprises with strong innovation ability and industry influence, while the sales of VR terminals is aimed to top 25 million units.


China also planned to build 10 leading VR industrial clusters with regional influence and 10 industrial public service platforms to foster the sector's development, it said.


Breakthroughs will also be made in key technologies and applications as of 2026, according to the plan.

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